A whole new world

There are days I feel ridiculous for not realizing my submissive nature until age 35. There have been a LOT of those days. How silly to be married for so long and then just up and decide that the entire structure should change! We have always been happy, great sex-life, everything as it should be so why in the world did I need to change things? I have pondered all of this for days on end.

This morning, yes just today, I gained an entirely new perspective. I responded to a post about WHY I would succeed in D/s, then hopped in shower. As I was washing my hair, it hit me:

How lucky am I to have loved and been loved so well for 15 years and then start something new with that same person!? Truly, what a blessing to have that beautiful foundation to build on! MR has always been my rock, but this has made Him more so. His strength brings me to my knees in awe. I have shared life, ups and downs, tough times, laughter, babies, everything with Him, but in these past months I’ve shared more of myself than I thought possible.

This is a whole new world, but it encompasses our old world and holds it dear. For the first time, I am happy with realizing my submissive nature so far into the game. The timing is perfect and I am so thrilled MR has embraced all of this, and me. Love, honesty, D/s, laughter, respect, mind-blowing sex…what more could a girl ask for?


7 thoughts on “A whole new world

  1. Lol! It’s not ridiculous for not realizing your submissive nature until age 35. I’m 48 and when I really think back I believe I was a natural submissive most of my life but never
    persuade the feeling. My husband is the only person I’ve ever been with, I met him when I was 17 we been together for 33 years will be married for 28 years this July. We just started the D/s relationship recently and like you I want to run like a wild fire, but he wants to go slow. Which is good because that circle will flow and grow stronger. So I teach myself to be patience and always focus on him instead of what I need. The word want or need doesn’t exist to me in our D/s-M relationship. So… see you are not ridiculous! šŸ™‚

    Lts ā™„


    • Thank you for reading! Looking back, I can clearly see the ways my submissive nature has always been there. I just didn’t have the words or frame of reference, and would view it as a weakness. Now I realize it is a strength. I’m so glad I am not alone!


  2. We’re the same age….and I’ve felt tje same way! Weve had a great marriage. ..an amazing vanilla with a twist sex life…and 13 wonderful years together. How could it get better? This is how!

    We know each other well…very well. Now we get to learn about each other in a new way, discover a new side of each other…and its facinating!


    • I love that we are the same age & married…when I first started trying to find more info, everything I found was either way young or single. That’s fine, but just not where I am in life. I just want people to relate to on occasion!

      Oh hey, thanks for reading! šŸ™‚


      • Same here! Thanks to LK and her Hus/Dom and other for paving the was for D/s-M….with kids too!

        Its nice to finally be able to have some girl talk…even if it is over the net…with other like minded…married ladies/subs!


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