Shower sex.

Need I say more? Maybe just a little…

Shower sex is one of my favorite things. Nothing quite like being hot, wet, slippery and clean and then getting down to delicious, dirty business.
Shower sex with my long-time Husband/new-to-this-Dom is transcendent.

Lights off, candles glowing, fan on (to hide sounds from the kids) – stepping into the shower with MR is like stepping into heaven. Once the fun begins, the instructions, the hair-pulling, the pinching, biting, spankings –  I lose myself in Him, to Him, and I would do anything He asks. I give everything and He gives me back so much more.

I am still me, yes. But truly, I am His and that just makes me more me. I am whole.


5 thoughts on “Showers

  1. Yes! I total agree shower sex is on my top five list Lol! Once Sir pulls my hair and starts hitting that sweet spot behind my ear…I’m gone! The water could be ice cold and I wouldn’t feel it. Also agree! I give everything and He gives me back so much more. Sometimes ..i feel Sir gives me so much more than I deserve or I could ever expect in my lifetime.

    Lts. ♥


  2. We have a very small night light in our bathroom. LOL! Candles scare me sometimes…..I’m afraid that if we get to carried away and forget that they are their “FIRE”
    Lol! Plus I like that when Sir pulls the brown shower curtain closed outside the glass shower doors so I can’t see what he intends to do…..anticipation drives me crazy.



      • Lol! yes… I do love the flicker they give and I do use them. It’s just that I have this fear of fire. Maybe I should use a mood lamp or something. Lol! Don’t mind me I’m in this rambling and crazy mood tonight


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