Those days

Some days, I need a little help with my submission. Those days that the kids are bickering, maybe my chores are never-ending, I’m tired, the days everyone wants something from me, the days I feel I have nothing worth giving, the days I just feel shitty being me. Those are the days I need help. It is so easy to backslide into my former ways, yelling, shutting down, but that is not good. Those things will not, and should not, be tolerated. Those days make me feel stupid for needing help, for needing correction, for not being submissive enough. My Husband, my Sir (though we haven’t gotten to my calling Him that often) never falters. He holds me, He listens, He corrects, He leads. I am so grateful and so thankful that He is the patient man that He is. I am pretty sure that He deserves much better than me and I have no clue how I got so lucky. So…Here’s to the kids’ summer vacation, and to our first D/s summer! shygirl


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