Doing it organically

I read. When asked my hobbies, it is usually the first thing out of my mouth. I read because I like to learn, I like to grow, I like that escape. So when I realized I am submissive…I started reading and have not stopped since. I’m pretty sure Amazon will send me a personal thank-you card any day now. I lurked on many blogs much too afraid to comment. I scoured bdsm websites. I passed a few things along to my Husband, but he is not an avid reader. He just doesn’t soak up the words and bathe in them like I do. That’s okay. He reads what I send Him and He has never grumbled about my check-in letters.

Where am I going with this? Oh yes, He views our D/s relationship as ours, however He/we want it to be. Of course, I feel that way, too, but… I will read things and want to implement them with haste, He much prefers everything to progress naturally and organically and be specific to us. He’s leading this ship, so we do it His way. I am not saying He doesn’t take advice, or suggestions, or draw inspiration from others. Rather, he will discover, digest a while (sometimes WEEKS!) and then proceed. The end result is great, we always get to our destination, but the waiting is a huge test of my patience.

My patience definitely needs some work, but I am trying to savor the fact that we are moving along this journey and never standing still. I began this post yesterday and didn’t have the words to end it. I still don’t, but I am feeling super thankful for MR and D/s today. I’m a very lucky girl.



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