Along with everything else that has been woken up due to D/s, it would seem my hearing has been fine-tuned, as well. That may not make much sense, but think about it…

When Sir gets home and begins changing out of his work clothes, the belt comes off first. I can be almost anywhere in the house, unaware of what He is doing, and I will hear the clang of the buckle and the slide of the leather against the loops. My ears perk up, my heart speeds up, my body tingles…just wondering if maybe that is for me. Sometimes it is, many times He is just getting comfortable, but either way, the sound is enough to bring me to my knees.

Music has become more musical. Music has always been a big part of my life. I was in choir for many years, I love to sing, I love going to shows, I love to rock out. These days, I can listen to songs I’ve loved for years and feel that they have new meaning. My favorite music, though, is listening to my Husband play guitar. I have never told Him how His playing melts my heart and goes directly to my soul (because that just sounds ridiculous), but it does. I have never been able to look him in the eyes when he plays…I feel like a nervous school girl with a huge crush on the cool kid. I seriously feel like I could melt into a puddle at his feet.

His voice and the authority in it are such a turn on. I’ve always been a “let’s do it, not talk about it” type of girl and I never would have guessed that I would love His talking so much. My Husband has always treated me like I hung the moon and the kindness, though surely undeserved, was always appreciated. But to hear His confidence and His dominance, to hear Him speak as if He’s done this his whole life? Heaven! Maybe I read more into it than he intends, but I think that is okay because I just want to submit that much more.

As always, I’m cheering and so thankful for this D/s journey we are on. Today, I’m a little extra thankful for my ears.



3 thoughts on “Sounds…

  1. The noise of the belt indeed can take me down instantly…it’s like sweet music. I do love music also when Sir not here I crank it up loud. I could have been your twin when it came to wanting to express my thoughts and my emotions to my husband but I always hesitated. I feared that I would make a fool out of myself or he wouldn’t take me serious.
    But I can’t be true to myself or my husband if you don’t express what I feel and I always remember that he loves me for who I am. So if you love your husbands guitar playing tell him so….it can’t hurt and you may love the answer you receive.You will never find out if you don’t take the leap!


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