Yesterday I earned 49 spankings. I am not proud of that, I am definitely not bragging, but the truth is the truth. I’ve really struggled with my smart vanilla mouth and yesterday it all came to a head.

Saturday started off nicely, with a relaxing morning and a delicious lunch made by my Sir. From there, it quickly went downhill. The kids were arguing, the teen giving me all sorts of attitude, the other two fueling the fire – you know, the things kids do. Sir was on top of it and handled it in his calm way. Did I follow suit? Hell, no. I blew up at the teen and then retreated to my bedroom to lick my wounds. Brilliant!

My Husband cannot stand that I run away, He says it is just giving up. I suppose He is right, but that is my go-to defense. I am working on it, but I couldn’t find the strength yesterday to suck it up. Before D/s, He would have come into our bedroom and soothed me, but it became clear that was not going to happen. Damn. Eventually, 45 minutes later, I made my way out of the bedroom and Sir was ready for me. He tried making me feel better, sweetness and kindness his default, but He could tell that was not working. He took me onto the front porch and made me have a conversation. I was in no mood to talk, I was not ready to feel better, and I did not make it easy on Him. (I know – way to submit!) My sharp tongue racked up 49 spankings in no time, but my Sir led that conversation and moved me out of my head and mood. I had hours to ponder the 49.

I moved in a fog the rest of the day, 49 overshadowing everything we did. I was looking forward to the spanking but very much dreading it at the same time. I thoroughly enjoy spankings and funishment, but knew these 49 were going to be a full-fledged punishment. Which I deserved.

Night came, the children went to bed, and the 49 were upon me. Sir told me
to wait for Him in the bathroom, naked.
I did as instructed and a few minutes later, He joined me…with a paddle, of sorts. I took one look at the item in His hand and asked Him to go easy, begged for a lesser number. Ha! Like that would work. He quietly informed me that the 49 were already mine and I should be quiet to avoid more. He was in full Dom mode and my response was Yes, Sir.

Sir told me to bend over and grab my ankles. I complied and my spanking began. I took all 49 standing up like that, though a few made me hop a bit and I lost count somewhere around twenty. Sir is always kind and when my punishment was over, He told me to get on all fours.

This is the point in the story that I will be vague. I’m not yet comfortable sharing details of the good stuff, maybe I never will be. As of now, I want to keep that just between Sir and I. Suffice it to say, we ended up in the shower and no orifice was left wanting. In the end, I could barely stand – the lesson of the 49 would not be soon forgotten.

After that, I stumbled out of the shower and into His waiting arms in the bed. I snuggled in and was so blissed out that I could not filter my thoughts. I told my Husband how much I like calling him Sir (this has just begun) and I told Him how much I love listening to him play guitar. Out loud! No letters! That is huge for me! And you know, He said he likes it when I call him Sir. Oh happy day!

So, all is well that ends well. I screwed up, I took my punishment, I was forgiven. I was honest and rewarded with words I’d been hoping to hear.
49 may seem like a lot, but it was the perfect number. My bottom is delightfully sore, a reminder of my missteps, a reminder of His dominance and love. I will work on tempering this mouth of mine and always speaking with respect because He deserves that, no matter what is going on in life.



2 thoughts on “49

  1. My mouth has gotten away with me also ….but you handle it well and your growing and learning. Good Job about telling him how you feel about his guitar playing, keep it up! It gets easier each time. 🙂


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