Laugh it up!


I’m working on another post, but I’ve spun off into memories of last night…

A chase around the living room, for probably a full five minutes. Sir wanted a kiss (this will be a post for another time) and thought it’d be more fin if I chased Him. I was out of breath, laughing uncontrollably, slipping and sliding, hauling tail around the sofa..Sir was doing the same. I couldn’t catch Him. In the end I was crying – I was trying so hard to follow orders and He was just too quick. Of course, at that point He let me reach him.

There we were, in the middle of the living room, kids upstairs asleep…I couldn’t breathe, I’m laughing, I’m crying, I’m kissing, I’m being held up by my Sir – in that moment, I could not have been happier. Like on Elf – “smiling’s my favorite”!

Laughing is so important to our relationship, it really sort of defines us. I’m just so thrilled that even though much has changed about our dynamic (for the better! Yay D/s!), we are still goofy, joking, silly fools. The “mini-scene” that followed was certainly no laughing matter, but sometimes sex is funny too. Who cares!? Laugh it up!!

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2 thoughts on “Laugh it up!

  1. I agree… you need to be who you both are and keep your personalities always even in your D/s. That should never change…who wants to be a robot.


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