When I was eleven, I found out I needed glasses. I thought that was the most ridiculous (and horrible!) thing I had ever heard. I mean, I could see! My parents and I ordered glasses, but during the two weeks we waited for them, I “had a cow about it”. I did not want to wear glasses so I cried, I begged, I rationed, to no avail. The glasses finally came and I had to put them on. I had such a bad attitude about them, that I didn’t notice much of a difference.

Then I stepped outside. Looking around felt like a dream. Colors were more vibrant, the trees had individual leaves, I could see each blade of grass as a separate thing instead of just a blanket of green.  Everything was just more! It was one of those moments that took my breath away and I’ve never forgotten how awe-inspiring it was. It was a great 20 minutes…come on, I was eleven!

As time passed and I would only wear my glasses here and there, even though I knew how much better the world was when I had them on. Sounds so silly to the 36 year old me and I wonder why I behaved that way. 

But wait! Isn’t that kind of the same thing I’ve been doing with my submission!? Ouch.

Today has been a thinking day. It is definitely time to grow.


5 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. I think we need you more than you need us!! Lol!! Again your own inspiration…wonderful insight girl…shygirl I think not, maybe boldgirl, or inspirationgirl! 🐱


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