Breaking through

Yesterday, I think, was a turning point for us.

I had such a crappy week, feeling out of sorts and extremely needy, and it affected everything and everyone around me. So, yesterday morning I took a very direct approach with my Husband (thank you, Elle!). I sent Him a text saying I was still feeling needy and wanted to do something for Him and asked if He would give me something to do. I ended it with Please, Sir. He did! Three things. I did them for Him and it helped me get my head straight. Fantastic! But that wasn’t the breakthrough – that came later.

For reference:  We’ve been implementing D/s for a while now. I started my research and discovery in July of last year and around September/October we began the transition. Slowly. In the past few months, things have sped up a bit, but obviously I still have some issues to work through. That is life, I really don’t expect anything to be perfect!

So, this week, my Husband has received many emails and texts from me – His responses either nonexistent or lacking something, until the one described above. When He arrived home yesterday, I had just finished working out and was a sweaty mess.
I was in a fantastic mood, as was He.
I rinsed off, made dinner, read to my son, tucked the kids into bed. I sat down on the sofa – time to relax!

Nope… Husband asked me to get a glass of water (this in and of itself is big…He has always gotten the water for me.)  I hopped up, happy to oblige, and He grabbed me in a big hug, holding tightly to my hair. Mmmm. Then He rumbled in my ear “Are you my sub?”

I was shocked! I wanted to laugh and cry, jump and kneel – I stayed very still. We have discussed this lifestyle, we have read numerous things, we’ve been living D/s for months, we’ve emailed…but never has He called me His sub out loud. I was so stunned I could only nod my head against His chest. He said “What was that?” I managed to whisper “Yes, Sir.”

I have waited for long months to hear those words spoken out loud. I know this is His full acceptance of me as His submissive and of the life we are leading. Those words, that moment, rank right up there with our marriage vows. Truly.

It’s going to be a great day. Scratch that… It’s going to be a great life. It already is.


6 thoughts on “Breaking through

  1. Whoo hoo! I’m so happy for you. I am giving you a high five right now! The same thing happened to me a few months ago and it took me by surprise. It was the best feeling. You set the stage for that to happen by submitting in the way that you did. They really do want it and it all came together for you. Huge growth!


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