The Husband reads

A few weeks ago I bought my Husband The Control Book by Peter Masters. It had great reviews on Amazon and I was feeling extra ballsy, so I bought it before I could think myself out of it.

Against all instinct and desire, I have not read it, not a single page. I gave it to my Husband and He has been reading it (on the sly – obviously, the kids can’t know about it!).

Here’s the deal… It is driving me CRAZY!! I know I have benefited greatly from this book, but I also know that He has picked up some things that are difficult for me to deal with. My Husband now will point out “control issues” when He sees that I’m trying to control something…or even trying to work something a certain way, or not communicating. Yeah, yeah…I’m aware that this is exactly where I need the most work, this is what I’ve asked for – all of that. I get it. I want to improve my patience and communication. I do. Really.

But holy cow, I want to know what this book says!! My Husband never said I couldn’t read it…I just thought it’d be better if I didn’t. I will not. My willpower is strong. And of course I’m very thankful that He reads, absorbs, and implements. We are on this path together and I should be am tickled pink that He has embraced it.

Just between you and me, though- when Sir calls me out on this stuff, I kick myself just a little. 😉



5 thoughts on “The Husband reads

  1. He he!! Love it! So, the gist is “Be careful what you wish for”?? LOL!

    No, I’m glad he’s reading it, and that he’s practicing it. If he read it and didn’t do anything with it, you’d be even more frustrated, right?

    I may have to buy this book for my Hubby…


  2. I love when my Sir has been reading, and I can always tell because he will try something new, or I’ll think “OMG where did that come from”! I find it thrilling when he starts something that I recognize as a Dom move or way of thinking, that he had not ever done before. But be warned…when they start reading, they don’t stop! They begin to crave it too, which is not a bad thing at all! 💗🐱


  3. Great post! I’m glad my Sir reads up…he also has this book and 2 others. But I am forbidden to read them and I like it that way. If he is unsure of something he would come to me and discuss it together.


  4. Love the feeling when I know my Sir has read something! And as crazy as it would make me, and I would want to read his book….I won’t, because not knowing what he’s reading is better than knowing. It means I’m giving him more…and he’s taking more…control. And that’s what we’re working towards!!! For me to completely let go…for him to totally take control!


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