Doing homework

Yesterday, homework was given over at The Bedroom Submissive.

I’d just like to pause and say I have a lot of gratitude toward LK and feel a strong urge to take her out for drinks, though I don’t even know her!

Anyway, I enlisted my Husband for some help, sort of thinking He’d find it silly, but I went for it anyway. I emailed Him the link above, asking if He would pick the pose I should practice.

He emailed back right away and chose ‘humble’. Hmmm…I was a little surprised – I was sort of looking forward to something more challenging. No matter, if He wants humble I will rock it with perfection on test day (Friday).  I practiced briefly yesterday morning, but had too many things on my mind and just wasn’t feeling it. So, during my afternoon workout, I did it again and was totally into it. Good.

Husband came home, we had coffee and then He asked me if I’d practiced. (Hello! These small displays of interest and acceptance light up my soul.) I responded with “Of course! I don’t want to be the loser.” And I laughed. Ugh…that is my defense…laugh when I feel a bit exposed, before someone else has a chance to (more on that in a future post). Husband isn’t buying that B.S., though, and asks if I really think any of the people on the blog will be “losers”. I say “no, of course not” to which He answers “no, I’m pretty sure all those people take this seriously, otherwise they wouldn’t be on that site”. (Hello again, sweet acceptance!) I admit He is very right, and feel bad for laughing and deflecting. Our afternoon continues with normal life, but my mind is stuck in between “holy hell! He really is getting into this” and “wow! Why do I do and say such ridiculous things?”

After the kids went to bed, we watched a movie with me snuggled on His shoulder. He asked something about my homework…I answered and then said “did you pick that pose just because of the name?” His answer was no, He picked it because He likes it,  that I always have a tendency to go to punishment pose and He wants me to practice keeping my head down and relaxed, and my arms out.

I wanted to jump His bones right then!! The knowledge that He actually had a reason behind His choice and had contemplated it and He did not find it silly at all…well…I don’t even have the words to convey my feelings. I’m still over the moon this morning.

Back to the story…nope, not done yet…cut to bedtime, post spankings. He wants to see the pose, naked of course. I oblige and He has me stay in position for a bit while He’s doing who knows what in the bedroom. He comes back and apparently really likes what He sees because He jumps right into action and a great time was had. Feel free to use your imagination here…

Afterward, He told me I did a pretty good job staying in position but at the end I was raising up to punishment pose. In my defense, He was pounding into my ass and I lost all thinking ability! He does not see that as a good excuse and told me I need to practice some more.
Ummm…yes, Sir!!

Happy days around here.



12 thoughts on “Doing homework

  1. That’s awesome shygirl! I did the same exact thing. I sent it to my Sir and asked him to choose one for me. He came back with the wait position since I can’t raise my arms yet. Not what I expected him to choose…but like a good girl…I didn’t question his choice I just said yes Sir! I can’t wait until he comes home from work today!


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