Thankful Thursday

Twelve things I’m thankful for today:

1.  My children. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me see red, they make me focus, they disappoint me, they make me so proud, they make my heart (and mouth) sing.

2.  My home. It’s not the biggest, but it fits us just fine. It’s not the best, but we improve it when we can. It’s not the cleanest, but it definitely cleaner these past months – guests could stop by and I wouldn’t have a panic attack.

3.  Coffee. Laugh it up, but coffee makes my days 100 times better. That first cup in the morning gets me going. And now that I fix Sir’s coffee for Him…well that gets my submissiveness going.

4. Staying home with my minions. This has always been more important to me than money or things.

5. My body. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of issues with it. But…this body has made, carried and birthed three children, this body gives me (and my Sir) lots of pleasure, this body can take a lot, this body is bendy and strong.

6. The internet. That’s probably weird, but it is true. When I thought I was alone and totally screwed up, the internet taught me otherwise. As I’m moving along this journey of D/s, the people I meet on the internet lift me up and support me. In real life, I cannot say that about very many people.

7. My eyes. They are blue. I like them. In fact, they are probably the only thing I’ve always liked about myself (other than my butt). Also, they enable me to read…which is a favorite activity.

8. Air conditioning. It is 105+ around here, so I am very thankful our a/c is working – even though it ruined part of our ceiling last week.

9. Black eyeliner. I just love it. So much.

10. Willpower. I’m glad that when I set my mind to something, I get it done. Husband and I have been eating low-carb for a year and a half and we have both benefited greatly. I’m back to my highschool weight of 118. I’ve also been diligent with working out…so I’m definitely not “stick thin” – I have muscle definition and tone.

11. D/s. This is big. Because of this, I’m learning to communicate honestly. I’m realizing it is okay to open up, it is okay to feel how I feel, to need what I need, to be who I am. I know now that being submissive is not a flaw and maybe I don’t have to hide behind all these walls.

12. My Husband/Dominant/Sir. Like I’d forget Him! I saved the best for last. Without Him, nothing else would be what it is. He is more than I deserve and I cannot believe how far we have come in our 16 years together…and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. He is the provider. He is an awesome father. He has always been a kind, amazing husband. He goes above and beyond in everything He does. He has embraced the control I’ve given Him – never did He laugh at me. He supports me. He feeds me, body and soul. He protects me. He pushes me out of my comfort zones. He is patient. For whatever reason, He thinks I’m beautiful and worthy. He shows me daily that He loves me. He makes it known that I am His. I could sing His praises all day, but I’ll spare you.



17 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Great post and motivation to start writing in my thankfulness journal again…been well over a year, but I did it for a year straight and I believe it helped me get my life back on track. I started just like this…with writing down the main things I’m thankful for and had it on the first page so I could read it often. Then I continued each day for a year. There were a couple of times I wrote that I was thankful I didn’t break a nail or a couple of times just one word like “air.” Then there were days I wrote a couple of pages.

    I am thankful you wrote this post today and gave me motivation to start another journal. You are wonderful!


    • You are too kind. Thank you. This morning, I found myself lamenting all the things we don’t have and thought I needed to turn it around quickly.
      I would love to do a daily thankfulness journal. I have a stockpile of new notebooks, I think I will start one. Maybe it will help me not fall into the “wish I had…” trap.


      • My husband brought up the idea of every evening taping a list of affirmations to a glass of water and then saying the affirmations out loud for yourself and then we say them to each other. Then upon waking up to say them again and then drink the water. These kinds of rituals are so important because we have to keep our heads in the right place for ourselves, our kids, and our Doms.


  2. Great Post Shygirl! This is differently a motivator for ail to be thankful for everyday we get to enjoy life and what we have in our life. Love it 🙂


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