Wolverine dreams


Sir sent me this picture in a text, followed by “touch yourself”… at 9:30 this morning…this will be a long day.

Wolverine is my favorite superhero/comic book character. Yes, I have a favorite. No, not because of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal, inspiring as it was.  His catchphrase is “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice.”  Not sure why I like that so much, but I do.

Anyway…I love this picture…it reminds me of my Husband…I have dyed red hair, though it isn’t this long yet…so I’m pretending this is what will be happening when Sir gets home today. And the children? Surely they have rooms to clean…



15 thoughts on “Wolverine dreams

  1. Woowoo! I love the super heroes! I have a thing for them! Love Captain America….and oh yeah. …there’s Thor (insert big smiles) I agree….Wolverine is hot!
    Yay for your sexy text….your texy! Enjoy!


  2. Hot picture and a text to go with it….. Yeah….that’s awesome!! So your a redhead… I’m a bottle blonde and was thinking of adding some spice with some red. Thinking strawberry blond to start then move to more red as I go. Gotta get Sir’s permission though, but I think he might go for it! Hope your day goes fast, and the kids have very messy rooms indeed! 💗🐱


  3. Wooo!! Also I read somewhere that Hugh Jackman wears his Wolverine costume for roleplay in the bedroom with his wife. Hence lots of ripped up bedsheets.


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