I am a bruiser.

I’m do not mean that I am a fighter, but perhaps long ago I was.  I mean…I bruise, somewhat easily.

On any given day, I have bruises that I could not tell you where they came from.  I’m a little bit clumsy in my normal life – door frames are forever jumping out at me and the floor… well, the floor is my biggest nemesis.

I don’t want to talk about those bruises.  I want to talk about my other bruises – the ones I get when Sir and I play.  Many times, they don’t hurt; sometimes, I cannot pinpoint the moment they occurred.  A firm grip, a hard spanking, a love bite – all of these things can, and have, left me with bruises.  No, I don’t have a disorder. Yes, my iron levels are good – I am just made to bruise.

Here’s a little secret:  I like them.  My bruises make me happy.  They are a blatant reminder of my submission, my pleasure, Sir’s pleasure. They lift me up when Sir is at work and my life is nothing but vanilla.  I wear them with adoration and pride.

At first, I think, Sir wasn’t comfortable with marking me. He apologized! I asked Him to not feel bad and explained in detail how much  I like the bruises.  That was an odd conversation, and I’m not sure He totally understands why I feel that way, but for the most part, I think He is over feeling bad about them.  I hope so.

The bruises are usually faint – a light shade of purple – nothing out of the ordinary for me.  Except for that one time, a real punishment spanking… one of my butt cheeks ended up black and blue in spots.  Those bruises really hurt!  And those bruises were my favorite.  I thanked my Husband repeatedly for them and relished the bite of pain every time I sat down.  yum.

As I write this now, I have four bruises on the inside of each thigh – knee to kitty, perfectly spaced, each leg a mirror of the other.  They are from His mouth – when I look at them, I can still feel him biting and sucking.  Maybe they are my favorite.

Just goes to show what a LONG way we have come over the past year – we are definitely a part of the D/s-M “club” for the rest of our lives… my bruises tell the tale.


14 thoughts on “Bruiser

  1. I bruise easily too, they pop up out if nowhere, …however I would like to get some other bruises this weekend and know exactly where they came from, ha ha!!’😜 Fun post, have a great weekend, I hope you get more bruise’s…that would not sound normal to a vanilla person, would it, lol?


  2. I wish I did bruise easy..but I don’t unless Sir uses the crop on the inside of my thighs and I will get some small bruising. So you ladies are lucky to wear your Sirs mark. This is a nice enjoyable post for us…I believe the vanilla world would label us ladies as brained wash and our Sirs as abusers. Lol! Only if they knew what they were really missing. 🙂


    • I know, Lts, I have been working on this post for a while. It was hard to try to gather my thoughts enough to figure out what I wanted to say…and I worried about the abuse thing. But it is NOT abuse and anyone that would think that should not be reading my blog anyway! Lol.


      • Oh…Sorry not what I meant…I mean the vanilla world as a whole…like our friends, neighbors if they knew or we told them the first though from them would be male = abuser….Wife = crazy to let that happen.. When they don’t or won’t try to look and understand it from our point of view or even listen with other harshly criticism. Lol!


  3. I bruise easily as well….and I’m quite clumsy at times…lol! But my favorite are the ones from my Sir. Love to look at them….love to feel them when I sit down the next day! I think my Sir was quite shocked the first time…but when we talked about it…he realized quickly what they mean to me. His mark…remembering where his mouth and hands have been….I think he’s fine now! Not to be cheesy….but remember the morning after scene in twilight….when she’s touching her lips…her arms….and she visualizes the night before….its like that!♥


    • Absolutely like that twilight scene! I couldn’t stomach the movies, but really enjoyed the books. I showed my Husband my legs…I am positive He is good with it. 😉


    • Yes, love that scene. When I first read the book and that part it changed me inside.

      I don’t bruise easily. It makes me sad. I’ve only had marks very faintly the next day and they go away quickly. I’ve always been a qyick healer and I’m permanently anemic due to an inherited blood trait. I should be the biggest bruiser.


  4. I do not bruise that easily either…only after someone really punches me for a while…stomach etc. Also the whip does it sometimes. I love my bruises too….


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