Nobody asked for nice

I’m not feeling very well since Sunday. Nothing unbearable, just a general feeling of ick. Life charges on, full speed ahead, no time to dwell.

As Dory would say, and as one of my adopted mottos, “Just keep swimming”. I do, but I think I’d like to make that longer:

“just keep swimming, just keep spanking, just keep fucking”

My Husband is so nice when I’m not feeling up to par – He always picks up any slack I’ve left in my day. He will hold me or not, whichever I am wanting at the time. He will take care of me. So very nice, and I do appreciate it all, but…

I am just not up for nice. I want naughty and dirty and maybe a little pain. I want to play. The twisty sex is great, it just doesn’t lift me out of my overworked brain. The “love taps” are fun, but I want my ass to hurt, to give me something better to focus on.

Busy, lackluster days around here but I have high aspirations for tonight…maybe ‘nice’ will be over.



7 thoughts on “Nobody asked for nice

  1. Let him know how much you appreciate him…picking up the slack….helping when your down. But also let him know….when you feel bad….that perhaps you also need another kind of comfort….those chemicals released during a session/play can be really good for healing your body and your mind! I hope you feel better and get what you need girl! Tell him!♥


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