Thinking [funny] Thursday!

Yesterday was really good, but it was very serious!! Today, is all about light, happy feelings and I’m thinking about sex.
I am always thinking about sex, in one way or another. Sometimes, sex is funny…


Like when you are going at it rough and dirty and your Sir nearly falls head first off the end of the bed…


Or when you are on top, He is guiding you, you are losing your mind – and then you fall sideways. Yep, you totally fall off the dick…


Or maybe you are in the shower, folded in half, hands on ground, anal action in full effect and you turn your head at just the wrong angle and proceed to nearly drown.


Surely this isn’t just me?! We have MANY of these little mishaps, but never have they ruined the moment.  I am a laughing girl…and I totally crack up when things get silly, all the while begging for more.  This would probably be pretty funny to watch – me laughing so hard while Sir gives it to me, chuckling himself. I’m laughing now just typing this. There’s always the point where the laughing just stops because Sir’s mission, I think, is to fuck the funny out. Good stuff.

Share a story, laugh with me (or at me!) and have a great Thursday!

On a totally unrelated side note…We put my new collar to use last night, along with my cuffs, the crop, and some toys -no laughing involved.




16 thoughts on “Thinking [funny] Thursday!

  1. My sweet Sir and I have been wading through a lot of emotional stuff lately, I know you know what I’m talking about!! Anyway, last night, we were having some quiet cuddles, and out of nowhere, he starts tickling me, and telling me not to move. By the time I was crying/laughing and begging him to stop, I was so turned on!! ….That’s new! LOL!


    • Love it!! The emotional stuff is good, the other side better! Keep it up. Tickling… I am a ticklish fool…my Sir uses this to His advantage and begins many things this way. He loves all the power that comes with me laughing & crying even though I may not want to. 🙂 Too funny… I’m sure you’ll have more tickling in your future.


  2. Laughing with you! Once while giving him a BJ in the shower…I nearly drowned because I tried to be all sexy and looked up at him! Lesson learned….bj’s in shower need to be given with him facing away from the water! Gravity likes to make fun of me and I’m a bit of a klutz….so we have many laughing moments! My Sir also loves to use tickling to his advantage!


  3. I love when sex gets silly and goofy. If any of you ever watched White Chicks with the Wayons brothers there was the scene when they stepped out of the limousine in front of the hotel in the Hamptons. They are both decked out to look like the two socialite white chicks. They are wearing designer clothes and both have long blonde wigs. One of them flips his wig hair and it gets caught in his mouth and then he is frantically trying to pull the strands of hair out of his mouth. Yep, that was me a couple of weeks ago when I was crawling over on the bed to give my Sir a bj. My hair was loose and as I went to flip my hair to the side it went in went in my mouth and both of us had to pull it out. Not one of my most graceful moments, but worth the laugh.


    • I’m cracking up! That is pure greatness…I especially like that it took both of you to get it out. Sounds like us…me…I can be very graceful, but then such a spaz!! We love the Wayans guys… “How to be a Menace…” is one of my favorite movies. 🙂


  4. I love falling off the dick… We have laughed so hard about this exact topic! I agree you have to have fun and laugh together… It makes those serious dark moments so much richer!
    I had issues finding the right plug… So I had a jewel plug in and we were playing and in process of him penetrating me vaginally I guess I was over stimulated and my ass swallowed my plug and I reached down.. And felt it was gone…. I started laughing because I was imagining myself explaining to the Dr. in emergency room…. I nervously started laughing “It’s Gone! ” I was half in subspace and I think my Sir thought I was hallucinating and he felt and started laughing to…. It was sooo funny….
    Yes, we found it… And my Sir removed it… We threw it away! Make sure your play plugs have a nice large head…. Lol!
    Still giggling!
    LK ❤❤❤❤🐇😛😛😛


    • LK….I would have FREAKED!!! Laughing would not have been my reaction in that situation! I’ve wanted a jewel plug for a long time….but its that exact worry that has kept me from it! I really like the one I have now!


      • You can wear it around the house just fine… Just wouldn’t reccomend for play… Lol!
        Again.. I had a small plug because I was new and anal was new to me as well but actually I found a medium on most plugs more comfortable because I needed a longer neck on a plug… Try different ones… I got one that has a handle on it for play now… I can’t possibly swallow it, right? Lol!

        LK 🐇❤


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