Thinking [sex] Thursday

Today I am thinking about sex.

Everyday I am thinking about sex.

Nearly every minute, a thought of sex creeps in.

I want it all the time, any sort of way.

I am addicted. I am obsessed. I want to be posessed.

I want my Sir in me, on me, near me all of the time.

I am forever wet and ready to go. I am always prepared.

Sir gave me 25 belt spankings this morning before He left for work. He wanted me to think of Him today. I love that, but I think of Him every day…in the dirtiest of ways.

I am off to start my real day, but sex always hangs around.

Sex. Love. Sir. Sex.



11 thoughts on “Thinking [sex] Thursday

  1. Yeah, it is my mind pretty much all the time too…we were at my son’s cross country meet the other day and my Sir said, “I know what your thinking, you want to find a bush and fool around”…I just laughed he knows me so well.


  2. I’m glad it’s not just me. I feel like I would hump his leg if our kid wasn’t standing there. I’m like an obsessive teenager with a new toy.


  3. It’s better than any drug… its more addictive then any drug… It can take you HIGHER or Lower then you’ve ever been. It can make you sick or be the most exciting exuberant roller coaster ride you’ve ever been on! It is the center of D/s…. SEX…. The exchange or your submission of your sex to your Dominate is sooo heady! Enjoy every little dirty sexy thought.. write them down on a sticky note and pass them around girl! Better yet post them here! LOL!



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