Need a lift


Yes. That.

I embrace the idea of that… “if you say you will, be sure you do”…”your word is your bond”… Follow-through.

Follow-through is a bitch. It is devastating when it doesn’t happen from Sir…but at the same time, my follow-through can be somewhat lacking.

Having a bit of a downer day. I’m trying to pull out of it. My allergies are horrible, the medicine makes me feel worse (though I do stop sneezing), and quite frankly, I feel like crap. My head is all swimmy. I have no direction from Sir – He is busy and hasn’t been in contact much. I have zero motivation to do anything.

My chores (what else could I call them?) have all been half done… Washed the dishes, but the dishwasher isn’t unloaded. Did laundry, but it isn’t put away. Purchased groceries, but the bathroom stuff is just on the floor. Weights and bands are ready for me, but working out hasn’t happened.

I’m not feeling very…subby. I’m actually feeling pretty bitchy and aggro.  I want to argue and fight.  I want to yell. I’d sort of like to throw things.

It’s bad. I know it. I hate it.

Maybe I need… A drink. A bath. A beating. A laugh. A good night’s sleep. An orgasm, or seven. A plate of sushi. A hug. A list. A…

I just need something.



25 thoughts on “Need a lift

  1. I know how you feel Shygirl! I was where you are now last Monday…I had enough and the minute Sir walked through the door I went off. I ended up apologizing and paying for the mistake. But we talked and I told Sir what I needed from him on a daily basis. You can’t fix anything unless you talk. 🙂 That is why I wrote that post because I needed Sir to hear me. Maybe you should do the same and send it to him if you can’t say it, I told Sir but still wrote about what I felt and showed Sir after we talked.


  2. I’m feeling very similar today. I have a list of things to do and I just don’t want to. I fight my own bratty child. The thing that annoys me about my own childs’ behavior and yet here I am, doing it myself. The further along I get into this thing the more I have to face this part of me……..


  3. I know how you feel… I hate when I am off and because I am not in my proper place the frustration I feel comes in the wrong way… it sucks but I have learned what I need to do in order to not get to that place. Whether I do it or not is another story…. sigh
    As Lts said write until you are able to talk to him.


  4. You need to talk with your Sir…. Honestly. ASAP….
    You need more follow-up from him ask him…. He will never reach your expectation if you don’t let him know what that expectation is…. Breathe and discuss things or write them down… Show him this post….. Your message comes through loud and clear. He hears your message and he will respond. Keeping the atmosphere is tough and they need help doing so for that first phase…
    Your chores will be easier with his words in your head…. Best wishes. Email me if you need more guidance.



    • Thanks, LK. I’m sure you are right. I just sort of feel like, by now, I should be able to pull myself out of this…not let myself get to this point. I’m torn. It’s a new day, maybe I’ll just send this post to Him. Right now, before I overthink.


      • I’ve had those same thoughts. But I realized I don’t have to do it alone…I let my Sir know recently….that when the dreaded spiral starts…I need him to pull me out. By whatever mean he chooses….I just need him….his Dom, his force. He is learning to look for the signs…but I have no qualms about going to him and letting him know I need help.
        Hope you’re feeling better today! ♥♥♥


      • Thank you! I forwarded my post to my Husband. Today will be better. I have always had a hard time asking for help…asking for anything from anyone. I’ve got to get better at it because the alternative makes me miserable…and Sir, too. We are learning together. 🙂


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