Thinking [lucky] Thursday

I am on here late in the day and I have a completely different post half-finished, but that will have to wait until next week.  My Sir gave himself a day off to hang out with me, so I haven’t had much computer time until now (He is ordering parts for a job). I know… cry me a river.  LOL.


So today I am thinking about how lucky I am, but that does not mean the luck just fell into my lap.  Everything that I’ve feel lucky about has come because I, WE, have worked our asses off.  Love, Marriage, D/s, Sir’s business, LIFE… all of it is a direct result of the time and energy that we have put into it.  Every single second has been worth ALL of my blood, sweat and tears. And WOW, have there been a lot of tears from me… especially this past year trying to come to terms with myself and learning how to openly communicate (without popping off).  I’m not dwelling on that, so on to the luck…

I am lucky to have a Husband that is willing to put in the time and effort it takes to make our life what it is.  I am lucky to be able to tell Him anything and have Him still love me.  I am lucky that He provides for our family.  I am lucky that He is a fantastic, involved father to our children. I am especially lucky that He has embraced our new lifestyle and nurtured the Dom that was always there.

We are embarking on our second year of living D/s and we will continue to be lucky because we will continue to work our asses off.  Since I cannot find part-time employment, growing in my submission (along with many random projects around the house) is now my job.  If I could just figure out a way to make a little money, it’d be the PERFECT job!!

I am very dedicated to my work and that makes me a very lucky girl!




The first good girl

I’m not sure I can take much more. The crop delivers so many different sensations but all I can feel right now is fire.

I’m not sure I like it or is it that I like it more than I should? Either way, I hope it stops because too much good and too much bad are suddenly the same thing. Just too much.

“Good girl.”

The first time I’ve heard that phrase leave His lips… and it brings me out of the swirling abyss of ‘too much’. Though the swats continue, I know that I can take them. I want to take as much as He can give.

I want to be His good girl. I want Him to feel what His words, His actions do to me.  I hope that He knows those words push me further. I am desperate to please Him. I am consumed with the ache to be His.

“Good girl.”

Two simple words should not have such an impact, but they cut through all of my doubt and I know…

I am His and He is mine.