Make it quick…

I tried.

I failed.

I tried again.

I failed again.

I was desperate.

I spewed my feelings.

I wrote.

He opened my eyes.

He made me realize.

He made me understand.

I am changing.

I am trying.

I’ve done it all wrong.

I’m doing better.

I’ve gained a new perspective.

We are here.

We are love.

We are pain.

We are life.

We are stronger.

We are everything.

We are the fantasy.

We are reality.



10 thoughts on “Make it quick…

    • Thanks…it was a rough few days! I was kind of putting it all on Him, but He made me see how my attitude/behavior was absolutely not helping our D/s dynamic. Talk about an a-ha moment! Yowza!


      • You know….I’ve noticed…on the other side of those lows….is huge growth….every single time! And that definitely makes it worth it!

        Looking forward to hearing what your kinky brain might come up with!!!♥♥♥


  1. I’m glad it’s getting better. There is something nice about hearing that someone feeling a similar way is getting to the other side. We can all swim together.


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