and sometimes not…

Most times,


Most times,


Most times,


Most times,


Most times,


And sometimes,



Learning to be okay with the nots, the bumps, the detours, the life. 

Learning to not take everything personally.

Learning sometimes things just are not about me and I cannot fix them. 

Learning to be at peace even when turmoil is closing in. 

Learning to just let it go and let it be. 

Learning – trying- to quiet my mind. 

Learning that running is not the way.

Learning to stand tall and face the storm head-on.

Learning to say good-bye to people that only take, people that have become toxic to my soul.

It is a solitary lesson and makes me lonely… until I look at my family and my Sir and I know I have all that I need.



6 thoughts on “and sometimes not…

  1. As Sir and I have been transitioning into our D/s relationship (been so subtle, I cannot pinpoint the length it has been any longer) I find God edging others out who are simply not healthy for me. It can feel lonely, but I am reaching out in our community on the blogospere with like-minded subs. It takes the edge off of a lonely heart because let’s face it, while my Sir fills every hole, literally too 😉 , He cannot be all things to me. He is my everything, yet He cannot fulfill my everything, so to speak. Sir would be worn out! I need my sister subs as well. Thanks for the post…


    • Yes! Thank God for online sub-sisters…I’d love a sub-friend in real life, though. I feel like a light has been cast on every relationship in my life and the ones that are toxic must go. Some days just leave me a little lonely. Not today, though! 🙂 happy weekend to you, thanks for commenting.


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