What have you learned?

Six things that I’ve learned in two days:

1.  Deep throating is very spitty. It would seem ‘spitty’ is not a word, but it should be.  Seriously,  a dick down your throat is MESSY!  I am not complaining… I enjoy this.  Surprisingly, copious amounts of saliva on my face just makes me wetter where it counts.  I TRY to be clean and maybe more attractive, but it just doesn’t work.  Down and Dirty is the way to go.

2.  The pattern button on my wand is a motherfucker.  Really.  It is right above the speed button and it gets pressed accidentally at the WORST possible moments.   Motherfucker, I tell you.

3.  Talking to my mom about frequency of sex is highly uncomfortable for me.  We are close, but never have I shared any sort of personal info like that with her!  She’s very happy for me (gag!), but still… that was WEIRD!  I’m sure I was eight shades of red. Ack!

4.  It’s a bit difficult to take off your panties in a bathroom stall when wearing jeans.  It is NOT very discreet.

5.  Being wet and ready all day is fun… and torturous… and makes it hard to concentrate on anything. 

6.  I was told today that I am always so happy.  =)  I already know that I am happy, but I am beyond thrilled that virtual strangers can recognize that.  I feel like my happiness radiates off me…and my horniness…but mostly my happiness, even when I try to contain it. 



10 thoughts on “What have you learned?

  1. Lol, I had to master the art of taking off my panties while wearing jeans. Husband does like to demand them at the oddest times! Also, I’m pretty sure that I’m very happy that none of my vibes have pattern buttons!


      • Oh, heck no… what you do is pull your pants down to your ankles. Then you pull your panties out the ankle hole of one leg, over your foot. Bring them back through the ankle hole (the panties should just be hooked around one leg now). Pop those bad girls out the other ankle hole and, voila! Panties off with no awkward hopping about! AND no shoes off!


  2. My strap’s name is MF’er….. LOL!
    The happiness that you put off is like a sex pheromones… All men can sense it, even women. They both will be jealous of what your putting off. Some vanilla people will wonder what it is you have that they don’t. When they see you with your Dom.. They stare! We’ve had our dinner paid for and two bar tabs because people day they see how much we are into each other. LOL!


  3. We get comments all the time when we are out too! I think it’s the way Sir touches me and my reaction, I think LK is right, they are jealous. Mmmmmmm thinking it would be delicious if I had BenWa in when we go out next time…
    As far as deep throating, I’m still working on it, but Sir is big, or my mouth is small, but he hits molars or I start to puke and then we have to move on. I can spend hours on him though, I love it, Just wish I could get that thing all the way down!


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