As happens most nights, she exits the bathroom and steps into the dark bedroom.  The only light in the room is the alarm clock, but her contacts are out so she can’t tell you the time.

This October night she is singing The Twelve Days of Christmas (really) and hikes one leg up to crawl into bed.

She is ambushed from the right side – His body engulfing her in a tackle that rolls her onto her back.  She is genuinely startled and giggles as He spreads her legs wide.  His tongue immediately finds her pussy and licks once, twice.  He moves back and shoves the dildo in with no warning, but she is okay with this.  She is primed and ready to go.  He knows she will take everything He wants to give her and she will beg for more. 

He twists her around so that her head is hanging off the bed.  He fucks her with the dildo while she sucks his dick.  She is in heaven, thinking about how great this feels until her mind becomes a distant, indecipherable echo.  The only thought that fights to remain is the shred of sanity that says ‘not too loud’.  She is squeezed and pinched, pounded and pulled.  Every next thing takes her higher than the last.  The dido is fun, the plug makes everything more, but there is nothing as good as her Sir inside of her.  She comes over and over, one wave breaking into the next.  She can barely breathe but she takes it all for Him and He gives her everything. 

Slowly, time starts up again.  She is unsure how long the delicious assault lasted and cannot begin to tell you how many orgasms she had (though it is definitely double digits), but she knows this is the stuff that moves mountains, that changes lives.  She dopily smiles as she lays in their bed, sweaty and spent, knowing that her Sir, her Husband, has truly become the Dom.  No longer can she pinpoint those Dom moments because He is a Dom, through and through.  He’s ‘got this’ and she is free to be who she should have been all along…

His very content submissive.



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