Thinking [boobies] Thursday

October is breast cancer awareness month, so please feel your boobies!  Seriously, everyone needs to do this monthly, but that is not what this post is about.  Nope, today, I’m just thinking about…

Boobs. Boobies. Tits. Titties.  Breasts.  Melons.  Whatever you want to call them.  I, personally, HATE it when mine are called breasts!  I know, that is probably weird, but I can only think of raw chicken breasts and that is just gross.  I prefer calling them anything other than breasts!

I have two boobs and on each boob there is a nipple.  They have grown and shrank, they have brought me pleasure and pain, they have nourished three children, they have filled out sweaters, they have have tumbled out of dresses, they have been hit, kissed, bitten, licked and suckled, they have bruised and bled, they have served as pillows, they have gotten in the way, they have brought me strife and joy.  My boobs are many things to me and nothing at all, but one thing they have never been is very sensitive.  You heard me:

My name is Shygirl and I do not have sensitive nipples.

For years and years, I felt bad about this.  I thought yet another thing was wrong with me.  Everything I saw and read would rave on about highly responsive nipples. Okay,it was all fiction, but they have to get that from somewhere, right!? So I pretended that they were sensitive.  I would ooh and ahhh, moan and groan at the lightest touches even though it did nothing for me.  It was hard to ever get out of my head because I just wanted my blasted nipples to work!  At some point, I pretty much made my boobs off limits.  I didn’t want to pretend anymore, I’d had three children anyway and these were working boobs so Husband got thwarted most of the time he’d go near. He didn’t like it or necessarily understand, but He loves me and did not want to make me uncomfortable so he suffered… all the while, telling me over and over how much He loved my boobs.  Well, you know me, I did not believe Him.  So we trucked on, having plenty of sex but no boobs involved…for years.

Along comes D/s.  When Sir and I began to (ever-so-slowly) move to a D/s lifestyle, His first two changes were these: 1. I could never again deny Him access to my boobs and 2. I had to kiss Him more (that is a lengthy post unto itself).  These two things were very difficult for me, but I knew to have the life I wanted I had to figure it out quickly!  So, no more tank tops during sex, no more pushing His hands and mouth away… if He wanted my boobs, He could have them.  I silently cried a few times… He was very sweet and gentle and praising, but I had such a hang up that I really didn’t enjoy it.  I was always so worried that He would get frustrated about my nipples being slow to respond or not responding at all.  I could not let it go.  Then one day he got much rougher with them… biting, kneading, sucking… and I DID enjoy it.  Holy hell, did I enjoy it.  A day or so later, we were just talking and I flat out said my nipples aren’t very sensitive and that they never have been.  (My Sir’s are very sensitive which both enthralls me and cracks me up) Sir was just kind of like “yeah, I know, who cares”… this was in not a rude or  dismissive statement, He is in no way affected by my lack of sensitivity and thinks it odd that it would even bother me.  He really is great. =)  But, back to my boobs…

If it didn’t bother Sir, and it wasn’t affecting my rockin’ sex life, why the heck should it bother me?? Maybe my nipples don’t get hard if you lightly lick or blow on them, no matter how turned on I am…There are plenty of things that wake them up, you’ve just got to put a little more effort into it.  Or not, I’m fine either way… my nipples are in no way a gauge of my enjoyment of the situation.  I’m not ever going to be embarrassed about them again because they can take a beating, and that is nothing to hang my head about.  You can abuse my boobs for a long time with clothespins, teeth, clamps before I ever get to real pain.  And just in case you need them alert in a hurry… grab an ice cube… because for whatever reason, they are sensitive to cold.

I hope all of you have a healthy relationship with your boobs!  I wish, like so many other things, I had talked about this with my Husband long before I did.  He’s just happy to have VIP-boob-access all the time and I’m happy that, yet again, I can just be me.

19 thoughts on “Thinking [boobies] Thursday

  1. Great post because that is the kind of honesty that makes D/s work. We all have our hangups about a body part (mine is my thighs) and we can get so lost in our bad feelings that we don’t see the good we have. Your Sir is a fantastic guy. For the record, mine aren’t super sensitive. My nipples need to be worked. Once I’m really stimulated everywhere they follow along. I love that they can take a lot because my Sir likes to do all kinds of delicious things to them. They became less sensitive after extended breastfeeding two.


    • It’s difficult being honest sometimes, even when no one here knows me. At the same time, it’s freeing… this is me, good or bad. I breastfed three and during that I was very happy they weren’t overly sensitive – my middle was a biter!!


      • My son was a biter too, and yes, I was very glad that they were not overly sensitive. I I breastfed for over 2 years withh each child. I know many think that is extreme but it is what is done around the world and my kids are so healthy and rarely ever get sick. My boobs did really well with breastfeeding and I have minimal sag. I’m very surprised by that considering I had my first at 36 and my 2nd at 40. You would think my tits would be down to my knees by now. While I enjoyed the attention my boobs got from my husband before D/s, I can honestly say that it was not a special feature for me. Since giving them completely over to him, however, I find I get very excited now and they respond differently as well. Maybe the sensitivity comes from how you think of your body. I know I have more orgasmic now, but I cannot say that anything particularly physical has occurred to make that happen. Mindset goes very far in how your body responds. And if you are cut off emotionally from your Dom and your body, your body will shut down.


  2. Hmm, my hang up with my boobs was partially because I thought mine were too sensitive (there were more reasons though too). I also denied access for years until we started D/s. It was one of the very very few changes that took place in those first months. No longer could I deny, I too cried the first couple times but I saw how happy it made Him and that got me happy eventually.


  3. I can’t even begin to describe the hangups I have had about my boobs! Yes…breasts is not a sexy word.
    They were fairly sensitive, but not overly so…mostly just during or right before my period. After surgery, now I’m dealing with nipples that aren’t very sensitive at all…if at all. So I do miss that some, but it was worth it. I’ll take the trade off anyday, because now, they can take more “fun” and I don’t hide them anymore. I too had to give full access-before surgery. That was hard. I truly hated what having kids and gravity had done to my little chest and I struggled quite a bit. But my Sir was helping me work through it. Then the morning of surgery, he woke me up touching me, and said, “You have a beautiful body, and you don’t have to change anything, I love every part of you.” Well, of course I started to cry! And while I loved him for saying it….I really wanted it! Sure, he loves them too….but it was for me. Obviously surgery is the extreme, and not for everyone, but for me it was the best thing I ever did for myself…sensitive nipples or not!

    Great post!


    • What a sweet thing to say! My Sir knows I would like to have surgery and tells me all the time that it isn’t necessary – He loves my boobs now. I would be doing it for me. I’ve read that many lose nipple sensitivity, but that is definitely something i’d be willing to do since I’ve already come to terms with them needing to be worked anyway. =)


      • I think men just like boobs! Any shape and size! I’m getting a good amount of sensitivity back in one, but the other is still a bit numb. Ots only been 3 months….doc said it can take up to a year to get feeling back!


  4. I think there are probably more women with lack of sensitivity than you’d expect. I mean, honestly, do you think God would have made them super sensitive and then told us we had to put them in teething babies mouths for a year or longer?! Fiction is fiction. It comes from women remembering how their nipples used to get hard in a slight breeze. I read an article in Glamour once about this. There was a study, and only 10% of women had a response to a 10 degree temp. shift! And more than half of them said they could not even feel it when their nipples were licked!! As long as you can feel it when they’re bitten or pinched hard, you’re perfectly normal.

    Mine aren’t all that responsive either. But I have this spot on my shoulder that, even if it’s soft, any skin to skin contact on that spots turns me on instantly. Not both shoulders, just my right one. Anyone got an explanation for that??? Lol!

    (Oh, and thanks for trying to make me feel better yesterday. I really appreciate it!! Today is a new day!)


    • Wow! What an interesting article you read… I had no idea. I know fiction is fiction, but for the longest time I felt like sex was the only thing I was good at and it sucked that my nipples gave me problems! LOL. Maybe I am semi-normal! weird!

      Your shoulder thing is awesome! I’ve got a few random places like that – the weirdest one is the fleshy part on my hand at the base of my thumb to wrist…bite that and it is on!

      New days are such a blessing. I know I don’t have the magic words to help anyone, really, but I figure maybe if you know someone has been exactly where you are, that is at least some small measure of comfort. I don’t know.


      • It is, definitely a comfort. Plus, it helps to realize that all relationships are different. We all want the fantasy immediately. Sometimes the fantasy is just not possible. It is very helpful to know that there are women like you who have been able to change the dynamic to suit their new needs and desires. It is much better for me to cling to that than the alternative. 🙂 Still feeling great today. I turned the joke around last night, and realized that HUMOR is kind of his language. He got it. We didn’t get to talk a lot because life got in the way, but I’m getting there. And hey, I got up and curled my hair again this morning. Down 18 lbs and feeling phenomenal about it!!!


  5. For years I didn’t understand the excitement over boobs. Mine didn’t feel much. Licking did nothing for me, I couldn’t feel it. Any light playing was a meh… I would have been happy to just ignore them.
    I am appreciating them more as time goes on. Pregnancy and nursing did not help my ability to want to go topless but The Mister doesn’t seem to mind. It took a good 37 years but here’s hoping they will be lots of fun for the second and third act of life!


    • Pregnancy and nursing definitely don’t help the boob-confidence, but what a beautiful thing they both are.
      I would love to have surgery but until then, I am enjoying the new-found joys of my boobs, at age 36…better late than never, I suppose!


  6. Your blog talks to me! I have major body image issues and keep wondering if there is something wrong with me because I am in general not as sensitive as people seem to be. My nipples are just about okay, but need some amount of pain to be stimulated.

    It was just the other day I had one of my moments of paranoia and asked Him if I had anorgasmia (because I think I really don’t have orgasms like they write them to be!). He shushed me instantly. I guess we all have these insecurities and our Doms have to bear with them.

    Nice writing!


    • Thanks!I think it is hard not to have insecurities about things…especially when you read a lot…it can be difficult not to compare. I’m just happy my Sir is patient and can handle me when they pop up. 🙂


  7. I am a part of the little titty committee…
    I didn’t like anyone touching my breasts to much when vanilla… I didn’t even breast feed… So we started D/s I had to get used to my Sir using them… Now I love it.. It’s like they were a new play toy!



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