Shut it.

There are about three days every month that I should just keep my mouth shut and my eyes closed tight.

If you are a girl, you may know them. If you are around girls, you may know them, too.

I had feelings.
I decided they needed to be voiced.
I sent an email.
He responded with something I wasn’t expecting.
I responded to that, in an overly emotional fashion.
My brain was no match for my dumb feelings.
Once He got home, He insisted on conversation!
My tears were no deterrent.
My pleas were met with indifference.
He wanted conversation, I wanted to hide, to back-pedal, to say nevermind.
Guess who won that little stand off?
Not me.
We talked. A lot.
I cried. Too much.
I felt like a dumbass, He felt inadequate.
We talked and fixed it, we learned. 🙂
The thing that I’m most hesitant to do, is always the thing that brings us together.
He makes my heart soar, He lifts me up and shows me the path when I can’t see, He uses His control to make things better.
This was yesterday.
Today was good. Really good.
Next month, I’m going to set an alarm on my phone so that I keep my mouth shut!



9 thoughts on “Shut it.

  1. I do know that girl, we ran into each other just a couple days ago. Stuck foot in mouth and everything. lol 😀 It is amazing how much better it always is after talking, huh?


  2. Been there…. Done that, more times than I wish to admit! Thank God for a understanding Dom to talk us through the ugly! Like the idea of the alarm ;D!
    I love your new Wolf Gravatar. Loving the submissive wolf beneath the alpha! That’s so us beneath our alpha wolf males for sure!


  3. Yes, know her all too well! Kudos to you for talking and to your Sir for making you talk! I don’t and probably never will know why its so hard to talk sometimes! The words…they’re right there….trying to fall out….but my brain won’t function and spit them out!


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