21 thoughts on “Bam!

    • I’ve been trying so hard with and without my Sir! SO busy today and when Sir texted me to touch myself, the wand beckoned so I could knock it out quickly. Then…hello! Hahaha.


      • :), I got a little more than I expected this morning when I asked permission to touch myself! Good thing I don’t teach until 2 today, and Sir could drive me in. Watch out, now you will squirt ALL the time!


  1. The dam burst and now you’ll never be the same. Stay hydrated girl because you’re going to want this a lot. I am truly happy for you. Make sure you get the very best waterproof mattress cover that you can get.


      • You’ll also want to invest in a Liberator blanket. I have a hemmed 3’x3′ piece of light blue velvety super-absorbent spaceage type fabric and I am trying to find out where to get more. I picked it up as a fabric remnant, or so I thought, fron a thrift store. Water was accidentally spilled on it and I saw how fast it absorbed. We use this all the time. I tested it and poured 3- 8 oz glasses of water on it and it instantly absorbed it and it was dry underneath. It is the most amazing fabric ever. I have been online trying to find more.


      • I’ll ask Santa for one for Christmas. That fabric sounds awesome… Let me know if you find it online! The Liberator blankets are out of my budget at the moment.


  2. Congratulations Girl! Isn’t great girl now you will be doing a lot more laundry and don’t forget to cover that mattress! Lol!



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