Standing on the cliff
Earth splitting
One becomes two
You are there
I am here
Forced apart
Words won’t reach
Feet don’t budge
A bridge of sorts
So far away
Neither one moves
Weary from the travels
The bridge is the answer
You sit down
I cry out
Words lost in the abyss
Needing you
Too far away
My legs start to move
My heart stops
One step, two steps
Frightened to continue
Give in to the dark
I sit, bracing
Searching for your eyes
They are closed
I will wait
Eventually sliding into sleep
Fitful, seeking
That magnificent divide
Stealing time



5 thoughts on “Divided

  1. Lovely….we all reach edges on our journey that require us to reach farther than we thought we ever could, stretching, until we almost break, like rope that unravels. Letting go of what draws the rope apart causes the rope to quickly coil back around itself again.


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