Thinking [overwhelmed] Thursday

I am easily overwhelmed. 
I am often overwhelmed.  Sometimes, this feeling comes as a horrible, crushing weight that I cannot get out from under; a weakness that I’m ashamed of and makes me angry.

Other times, this feeling presents itself as moments of pure love.  In those moments, I cannot give enough, I cannot take enough, I cannot do either fast enough.  In those moments, I am overwhelmed with need and desire.  In those moments, I just want to soak up the love but when I do, it is all too much and not enough…my brain cannot keep up. I cannot hold all that emotion and it can be a little scary. 

I begin to drown in the love, in the Dominance. I drown in Him and I want to keep sinking.  Sometimes, I hit that quiet abyss and pray that I can stay there forever.  I marvel at the overwhelming feelings that hold me down yet lift me up.  Tears spill over, breathing is not an option, and time stands still.  I become part of that ocean and then I disperse amongst it.

Of course, I must always gather myself and drift back up… gulping as fast as I can, taking as much as I can.  I want to swallow it all, but a girl’s gotta breathe.  When I break the surface, I am content – knowing that I am loved, hoping that I love enough.  Wanting so much for Him to feel all of this, in His own way.  I hope sometimes He drowns like I do. I hope I overwhelm Him.

Because I know for certain that being overwhelmed can be a strength and a blessing.


12 thoughts on “Thinking [overwhelmed] Thursday

  1. Beautiful! This really touched me (one of those times when I can completely feel your words)…after today….I was so overwhelmed with stress, and i was/am angry at myself for succumbing to it …now I need to be overwhelmed by him….taken under


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