that’s what He said

“I have control and this affirms it. I love you and all you are, please know I have reasons.”

Really.  That’s what my Husband sent me in response to some insecurities I was having.  Instead of waiting, wondering why little things weren’t happening, and stressing about how I was feeling, I typed it out in an email and basically asked if everything was going okay, if maybe I could do something differently.

He answered and I didn’t spiral.  I’d like to repeat that… I DID NOT SPIRAL!!  If you knew me, you’d know that’s big.  Spiral is my middle name, but this is a much better way!

Happy Friday!!! 


17 thoughts on “that’s what He said

  1. Whew! So good to hear! Have to do same today with my Sir. Old issues, old insecurities, resurfacing. We will figure it out no worries 🙂 Have a great weekend!!


    • Old insecurities resurface for me often … This is the first time I’ve talked BEFORE that spiral. Now I’m like, duh! Why haven’t I always done this?! Lol. Talk it out, LBP!


      • I addressed it sooner then I usually do this time, so that is progress. But truthfully sometimes I am in the middle of a spiral and I don’t even realize it. I seem to need a day to organize my thoughts so that I don’t appear incoherent. That would certainly confuse my Sir even more! This issue is probably not as big as I’ve made it out to be but I need Sir to know where my insecurity stems from.. Ohhh he is calling now


      • What you’ve written sounds just like me! Not recognizing the spiral, incoherent, thought organizing… I hope he clears everything up for you. 🙂


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