No worries…

Sir said no worrying, no stressing

But there are lists a mile long

Filled with things that are far beyond reality.

My heart hurts – I don’t want to disappoint.

My head is pounding – too much going on in there. 

I hate to disobey.

I will stomp the all-consuming fire in my soul,

The fire that feeds the stress, anxiety and worry.

I will throw water on those devilish flames

and stoke the flames of submission instead.

This is my prayer today..

that I may fuel the proper fire and let the rest go.




7 thoughts on “No worries…

  1. I like that! Stomping of the worries….stress…fight it! I’m doing much the same today! I’m fighting with everything in me…because my vanilla self wants to curl up
    in a ball and surrender to the angst. But I won’t disobey….I will change my state of mind because he said so!
    Hugs! Hope your day is super subtastic!


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