More than love.

What we have is more than love, more than history, more than companionship, more than friendship, more than marriage, more than parenthood, more than respect, more than adoration, more than lust, more than D/s, more than happiness.  All of those things exist for us, and I am thankful for it all, but what we have is more.

I do not have the vocabulary for what it is we have. The words I’m looking for do not exist.  What we have is so deliciously overwhelming and all-consuming that it becomes too much to contemplate.  Instead of thinking, I will wrap myself in all that we are and let everything else fade away.  Perhaps one day, I will stumble upon the perfect description of all of this, but until then I will keep it simple.

What we have is more than love.


15 thoughts on “More

  1. Lovely and Beautiful Shygirl! I believe their is no vocabulary word for it Shy. Because its inside you a feeling an ache so strong that its like no other and it only grows stronger with time.


  2. I more than love this! This kind of love is etheral and transcending. It’s because you found within each other “your other self'” which is what is lost in the Hebrew translation in the garden when man said to woman “You are Isha” my other self.


  3. I know exactly how you feel. You are not alone when it comes to a loss of words for your emotions. I have written so many stories that I have not finished because I cannot find the words to describe the feeling I am going through. Maybe one day I will compile them and call it “Unfinshed Love”?


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