Thinking [urgency] Thursday


It is a new year and another Thursday so I thought I’d just jump right in and talk briefly about urgency.  I feel urgency in many different ways… seeing as my patience level leaves much to be desired, when I want something done it always feels URGENT.  When I am hungry, when I am tired, when I am happy, when I am expectant… all of it feels so URGENT.  Nothing so much, though, as the feeling of love for my Sir.  I love him with such urgency that sometimes it becomes hard to focus on any other thing.  The definition is as follows-

Urgent:  compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; imperative; pressing

So then, it probably goes without saying that I want to be loved urgently.  I want to be the recipient of love that is compelling, pressing, imperative.  I want my Sir to have those moments where NOW just isn’t soon enough.  I long for the moments where nothing else could possibly be more important than our love.  I really live for the moments where I wonder if anything else could possibly exist outside of His love, and if other things do exist, could they even matter?  That kind of love is what this life is about and it doesn’t hurt that urgent love can lead to some very hot adult activities.  *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

That’s another thing… I not only want to be LOVED with urgency, I want to be TAKEN with urgency.  I want to feel like the only girl He in HIs entire world.  I want to be bound and forced to take whatever He wants to give because He just can’t wait or hold back any longer.  I want to be His favorite, most coveted toy. I want clothes ripped off, hair pulled, lips bitten and sore… I want to be ravished with the utmost urgency.  Now would be good. Ha!

Of course, we have real lives, real kids, real goals, real chores, and the urgency may look a little different some days, but for me, it is always there. I know I am a lucky girl because my Sir feeds my desire for urgent love (in multiple ways), though He might not even be aware of that.  Maybe He doesn’t know that the urgency is even a thing… but perhaps He does.  I only hope He feels the urgency in my love for Him because it is ever-present and all-consuming.

I will leave you with the song that inspired the post.  I wish for everyone to be loved with urgency, but not with haste.


10 thoughts on “Thinking [urgency] Thursday

  1. Very well said. Urgency is there in the earliest days and them can easily get lost. Finding that urgency again can make such a difference in how a relationship feels from the inside.


  2. Great song…love that band! “I want to be taken with urgency”. YES!….feeling their hunger for you…feeling pursued and stalked by a hungry lion…er…wolf in your case!


  3. That urgency is passion and when passion is allowed to flourish a new world of possibilities open up. Passion has the ability to create and it infuses life with hunger and intensity because it keeps us harnessed to living life in the moment. Colors become more vivid, scents stir memories of lost passions, taste is enhanced and our imaginations soar. We dream new dreams and we hope new hopes. If a man knows how to cultivate a woman’s passion he will be satisfied for the rest if his life.


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