Thinking [thankful] Thursday

Yes, I’ve done a thankful posts before, but since it’s the beginning of a brand-spanking-new year, I feel like doing another.  That, and the fact that lists really tickle my fancy and my Sir is out working, so no tickling from Him just yet. This list will not be ALL that I’m thankful for – I do not have that kind of time! Thursday is winding down and I’ve been thinking about our D/s all day, so I’ll get to it.

Thirteen Things I’m thankful for, D/s style:

1.  Obviously, my Sir.  My Husband is the bomb dot com, the bee in my bonnet, my alpha wolf, the love of my life… you get the picture.

2.  Tasks.  I cannot tell you how much those texts telling me what I need to do help me!  I love them.  Just knowing that my Sir is thinking about me makes me much more mindful of my submission when He isn’t here.

3.  Punishment.  Did I just say that?!  Yes.  I do NOT like getting in trouble. I do NOT enjoy the actual punishment.  What I do like, though, is that He enforces His rules and is consistent – keeps my head on straight.

4.  Freedom.  Although, at times very difficult, I have never felt so free to be ME – no hiding, no pretending, just ME. (okay, okay, I still have huge problems in this area, but I am getting better!!)

5.  Sex.  We have always had a lot of good sex, truly, but now it is insanely delicious.

6.  Friends. I’ve made a few friends through blogs that make my days brighter.  I’m sure you know who you are.

7.  Cuffs and Collar.  I love them.  I’d like to be able to wear them outside of the bedroom, but I think the kids would have questions.  Ha!

8.  Closeness.  I feel so close to my Sir, I feel like we know each other so much better – and we haven’t run away!!

9.  Time Management.  With the lists and my being so excited to see Sir at the end of the day, I usually manage my time much better than in the past.  Not today, but usually.

10.  Coffee.  I am thankful everyday for coffee, even before D/s, but now I make Sir’s coffee every morning and afternoon when He is home in time.  Such a silly little thing but it makes my heart happy to fix His coffee just the way He likes it.

11.  Words.  I am happy for the words that I am able to write – I took many, many years off from doing any sort of journaling and I’m glad to be back in the habit.  Journaling is kind of like free therapy! I am MOST thrilled when I get written words from my Sir in response to something I’ve sent Him.  I save every single email.

12.  Toys.  Yes, I am absolutely giving toys their very own number.  Do Sir and I NEED them? Hell no…some of our best playtimes are just the two of us.  Are toys fun? Absolutely!  Plugs and vibrators and dildos and the crop and clothespins… and the toys on my wishlist… I need a job just to keep up!!

13.  Love.  We found love long ago, but the D/s has enhanced it, renewed it, put it in the spotlight.  My love for Sir radiates from me, I’m amazed that people cannot see it all around me.  We ARE love, pure and simple.



4 thoughts on “Thinking [thankful] Thursday

  1. Love the time management… That is a big part of what my Sir helps me with. I have a list I am working on right now that Sir and I put together this morning, which doesn’t include posting comments, LOL, gotta run! Great post!


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