I don’t want to choose the lightbulbs.


Oh sure, I am capable of choosing lightbulbs. If lightbulbs were on my shopping list, or my task list from Sir, I’d choose some mighty fine bulbs and be happy to do it. But when Sir and I are in the aisle together, I just have no desire to choose a bulb.

In fact, if we are in that aisle together, I do not even want to offer input about the selection of lightbulbs.

Now, if I needed a specific bulb for something He knew nothing about, I’d be tickled pink to provide the required information. No problem! If, however, the bulbs are for something I have no involvement in? Well… frankly, kind Sir, I don’t give a damn.

Oh I know that’s different – there were years upon years where I did give a damn about EVERY little thing. I needed to have the final say about everything. That was pretty good cover, I admit. No one ever guessed that what I needed most was a shifting of power.  And now… Hallelujah! The power has shifted. Despite my endless struggles and contrary behavior, Sir and I are moving together in a way we never have. He is the leader and I am the overjoyed follower. Happy sighs all around.


Where was I? Oh yes, I don’t want to choose the lightbulbs! I also do not want to choose the parking space, the route, the restaurant, the movie, the drink, the itinerary, or really much of anything else… I like not making those decisions. I feel loved and cared for when my Sir simply takes the choices away.

No need to fret, I still function just fine when He is working. I make all manner of decisions with [mostly] free reign to do so. I’m pretty great at managing daily life.  But when we are together…

I don’t want to choose the lightbulbs.


27 thoughts on “Lightbulbs

  1. How often have we fought with our significant others about these absolutely insignificant things? It is such a welcome relief to just let go. Your post made me laugh BECAUSE it is so true!


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  3. Great post shygirl! You made me smile. Don’t give a damn about those lightbulbs either and it’s easy to let him decide what I’ll have and order for me in a restaurant. I’m want to give him more control over decisions, yet there’s certain stuff where I’ve made up my mind without even asking input. Not so easy to give up control over all decisions.


  4. I just had a very similar conversation with a complete stranger at my daughter’s gymnastic meet yesterday! It was about changing light bulbs, but same exact concept, that I don’t even have to think about it, but I do mop the floor. It was a funny conversation about the roles we fill in our respective families. Needless to say, I got the feeling he wasn’t all that happy with his, while I’m ecstatic.


    • So funny! I’m quite happy with these roles, but when I mention little things to female acquaintances they are generally in shock that I do the things I do. But if males hear, they are quite interested and seem to wonder why their wives cannot enjoy these same things.


  5. HAHAHA!!! You have me laughing and at the same time nodding my head in agreement, saying Amen Sister! I can relate to every single word written. Great write shygirl! 🙂



  6. Sooooo perfect!! Exactly what I have just tried explaining to my sir. I really don’t care anymore. If he asks, I’ll gladly give him an opinion, but honestly, I feel so much calmer letting him make all these decisions now. Can’t wait to share this with him. I think he will laugh too. Thanks for capturing it in words!


      • I sent him the link while I was at work. When I asked him about it he started chuckling. He loved it and said it was very much what I had been saying to him. Perfectly expressed! We laughed about it last night in bed and it was just so, I don’t know, clean isn’t the word, but I don’t know what is. I just felt so done with those goofy decisions that I really hated anyway. I just love deferring in all things. I don’t know if I can explain it. I just smile a lot.


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