Valentine’s Gift

My blog has been quiet for a week, but I sure haven’t been!  This past week held conversations I never thought I would (or COULD) have with my Sir.  Secrets revealed, lines beyond blurred, hidden fantasies brought to light – I completely opened myself up.  Guess what?  My Sir didn’t run, he didn’t judge… HE DIDN’T EVEN BAT AN EYE!  Maybe I never was as good as keeping things under wraps as I thought I was.  I feel… lighter… somehow.  I have been giddy (and so damn frisky) all week!  So giddy, in fact, that I grew some lady balls and made my Sir a Valentine’s gift.

Would you like to know what I made?  Here’s a hint… tripod, camera, editing software, many hours scantily clad.  Yes, you guessed it… photos!  I worked really hard on them, liked them at first, hated them after looking at them for so long, sent them to friends to get an opinion… and decided I may as well give them to Him.  I’ll admit, I did hide my face while He looked at the album and there might have been a bit of nervous laughter and tears, but I did it.  He seemed to like the album very much.  Maybe next time, I will hand them over with a little more confidence.

I’m feeling a little brave, but not sure how long that’ll last.  Until I change my mind, this is me:

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!!
I hope everyone’s week/weekend was as fantastic as mine – communication wins again!

If you want to get your own ball of fun rolling, this questionnaire is pretty entertaining to do with your partner!

~ [not so] shygirl

29 thoughts on “Valentine’s Gift

  1. *whistle* Youre such a hottie! Glad your Valentine’s was great and you and your Sir had some great communication! Its such a light feeling when you reveal a little more of yourself! (Emotionally aaaaand physically)!!!


  2. It has been a giddy week, hasn’t it? You are so rockin that photo with your model legs! Never be surprised at what your Sir already knows about you and I know tje best is yet to come….and come…and come. Seriously, tye truth set you free. So happy for you.


  3. Good for you!!! Sharing fantasies and intimate secrets is so important. I’m so glad you were able to open up:) brave girl for taking shots for your Sir too! The one you posted is delightful!


  4. Great IDEA!!!! My sir has been asking me to do pictures like this for some time but I am too self conscious. I love that you did them yourself. Eliminates that 3rd person embarrassment. And sexy sharing time too?? Sounds like you have lots to look forward to. 😉


  5. That is such a cool gift.. can just imagine how much effort went into them. Know how difficult it is to photograph yourself (tried it when I was pregnant to get those belly shots). Love the shot you decided to post.. very artistic & retro.. stunning legs too! Glad you guys opened up to each other.. hope there’s many happy days ahead!


  6. This is so much fun, I love the idea of putting an album together for your Sir. So personal and sexy too! You look GREAT btw and I love the speakers as a prop, very rock n roll! 🙂


  7. i need some advice on being a good submissive cuz i suck at it im always talking back and not doing thigs sir wants me to do till im ready how can we or he change that im18 and hes 21 we started this life style five months ago


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