Thinking [new to old] Thursday

As I sit here, in a quiet, darkened room, I am thinking about my Sir and our dynamic and how much things have changed. I wanted this 24/7 dynamic so badly, but I’m not going to lie, sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes… I just want to run and throw those walls back up! Over the past year or two, I’ve read so many articles and blogs about what D/s is to various people… some resonate, some don’t really.  So today, I’ve written a letter, a list, to the old me, from today’s me. You follow that?

[note: this is our D/s…I’m sure yours looks a lot different. In no way am I implying that our way is THE way…whatever floats your boat suits me just fine]

You will thrive in a D/s dynamic if…

1.  You like honesty. I’m not talking sweet honesty…I’m talking brutally raw, heart-wrenching, soul-freeing honesty. It hurts. It heals. It is an absolute must.

2.  You are tired of all the boxes and hard lines. All of those lines may not be erased, but they will blur and distort. Many will disappear forever, leaving you shocked and amazed…and very vulnerable.

3.  You enjoy being pushed. Not just a little push. I mean, REALLY pushed…to the point of tears and begging. You might hate the actual pushing, but when you overcome the obstacle and are on the other side of it you will be proud and ecstatic.

4.  You feel compelled to put your Husband’s wants and needs before your own…every second of every day. This is easy to do, because His wants and needs are very much centered around what is good for you, as a submissive.

5.  You have an ingrained need to be held accountable. Because you are going to be. You will be held accountable for everything you do, everything you say, every look you give, every word you write. Own it.

6.  You like bruises. No, not the kind from abuse. The bruises you have will be cherished reminders of sexy nights, sure. But more than that, these bruises will be tangible evidence of His control. You will be very sad when they disappear.

7.  You enjoy pants problems…the sort of problems that have you wet and throbbing for days, weeks, months on end. This will be your new normal. Get accustomed to it quickly because no matter how much sex you have, you will always be ready for more.

8. You want sex on sex on sex. You will get it. You will crave it. You will use all sorts of fun toys, or none at all, and you will love every second.

9.  You don’t require much sleep. Even though you LOVE sleep, you would much rather stay up talking or fucking or taking photos. Stock up on coffee!

10.  You have the ultimate level of trust for your Sir. You will need this because you will no longer have a shell. Your feelings will be tender, you will have no defenses – you won’t need any with Him. You will draw strength from this trust.

11.  You enjoy learning and growing. You will learn so much about yourself – not all of it will be pleasant so you’re going to have to change and grow. Cherish the evolution!

12. You like to be happy. You better like it because you will be the happiest you have ever been in your life! I know, you’ve been extremely happy and have had a wonderful marriage, but trust me, this will be a whole new level of happy! Enjoy it.

13.  You love to be IN love. You are going to fall madly in love with your husband over and over. He will surprise you at every turn and you will swoon at his Dominance.

14.  Finally, you don’t mind hard work. You will work through blood, sweat, and tears. Some days, you will want to throw in the towel and say nevermind to the whole damn thing. But you won’t, because you know in your heart of hearts you are right where you are meant to be. Every internal battle, every miscommunication, every backwards step you take is worth it.

This is your life, this is how 24/7 D/s manifests for you and your Sir. This is who you always were always meant to be – your Sir’s submissive. You belong to Him. No matter what, you can never forget that.
Don’t fret…your Sir won’t ever let you forget. 😉


Happy Thursday!

28 thoughts on “Thinking [new to old] Thursday

  1. To say I love this post is an absolute understatement. You articulated things so well. I love how you wrote a letter to your old self. I think that’s an exercise everyone should do. Such a great way to see growth and how far you’ve come. I am stealing this idea. I will be putting pen to paper tonight.

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  2. Wow…what a beautiful post. Cant even say how much I love this!
    What an incredible way to look back and see amazing personal and relational growth. Awesome!


  3. Lovely– very nice and very relatable and also still wishing for a few of these things! The thing about falling in love again and again… this has been the absolute most astounding thing to me. I went from tolerance and platonic “he’s a good person but I don’t respect him, and feel little attraction anymore,” to “When are you getting home sweetie? I miss you!” Seriously, I feel like a lovesick puppy, I hate being apart and love being together anymore, a very happy state to be in when you’re about to embark upon your retirement. If you had told me this 2 years ago I’d have said you’re nuts. I do regret the lost years!
    Beautiful sharing! Thanks and well done, you!

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