Thinking [rough] Thursday

I like the rough.

I like the words that make me bristle.
The words that initially shock, but make me melt into a puddle.

I like the firm grip when maybe I’m not listening well enough.
The grip that tells me I am not on my own – I am accountable, always, to Him.

I like the demands that cannot be ignored, lest consequences be given.
The demands that overwhelm and release me.

I like the strikes that make holding position impossible, that make me cry.
The strikes that wash away my guilt and shame, allowing me to start over.

I like the hands that hold me down, that constrict, that insist.
The hands that hurt, love, and heal.

I like the force that slams mouth, fingers and cock into me, gentleness lost.
The force that tells me there is nowhere else, no one else.

I like the bruises that linger for days, a constant reminder of who’s boss.
The bruises so tender, telling me, whispering “you are loved”.

I like the rough.


Happy Thursday…hope it’s rough!!

14 thoughts on “Thinking [rough] Thursday

  1. Exactly…yes! ….”the strikes that wash away my guilt and shame…allowing me to start over”….this is something I have yet to experience….
    Beautifully written!


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