just a little fussin’ about sleep

I’m not built for nights like these. Some folks can weather much more, I know. They can endure multiple nights, weeks, months, years apart… but not me. (Remember yesterday? we ought not compare.) This shit isn’t in my wheelhouse.


The kids went back to school today. A bit of drama in the academic world of my offspring. Juggled and mostly handled. Papers filled out, supply Iists made. Mom to the rescue!


I have a giant list of my own to tackle…nothing difficult or out of the ordinary, but a long list of little things to get done before my girlfriend gets here tomorrow. You heard me! My girlfriend, my bestest friend, is coming to see me for just under a week!


I’m so very excited…But this day has really put a damper on my happy, which adds a whole other level of sad to this jacked up night.


Sir is working. I’m tired, I cannot sleep, and I must start the day in four hours! I’m lying here…awake…with a pounding head and leaky eyes (and a kitten sprawled across my face and boobs). I need my hair to be played with, my back to be tickled, my mind to be soothed. I need a hug, dammit!


Until my Sir arrives home safely, I cannot function or rest. Without sleep, tomorrow isn’t looking good on the functioning front, either. Balls.


Happy new school year! Looks like we like to start on a down note… Perhaps things will look up from here.



7 thoughts on “just a little fussin’ about sleep

  1. I completely understand… my hubby works nights and I function on about 3 hours of sleep a night. I hate sleeping alone so I stay up with him at work emailing and texting him as much as we can.

    Do you have a connection with him while he is gone?


    • I do not know how you function on 3 hours! I had two…then Sir made me sleep two more…and I was pretty out of it all day (though I did complete all my tasks).
      Sir worked nights for a while and it was hell. Luckily, the night stuff is few and far between now.

      Yeah, he tries to text but the work is very labor-intensive and hands on so when too long goes by… My worry skyrockets.


      • Yeah once the kids were schoolage we decided he would move to midnights so he could sleep while they were in school. He was working evenings before this so he would have never seen them.

        It’s hard and sometimes functioning is tough but I sleep on his night off – sometimes haha 🙂 guys I’ve just been doing it for over a year… so… I’m getting used to it.


  2. I totally understand Shy…..i just said to Peep and Sir that I seem to spend 2/3 of my life missing the people I love most. Peep lives too far away to see often, and Sir is gone pretty much Monday- Friday for work! So good sleep, and rest seems to avoid me, and sadness, and tears fill the void.
    Anyway…have a wonderful visit with your girl, our next one is still 51/2 weeks away! 😦

    Hugs, Mynx


    • Thanks Mynx. Thankfully my Sir is normally home because I do not miss the night shifts!

      I will have a wonderful visit! Just having her here will be such a treat! At least y’alls next visit is on the calendar!


  3. Throw that list out the window! Ill be there tomorrow! You need your rest 😉
    I sorry you not sleep. I’ll play with your hair, and tickle your back…and hug…and kiss…and touch….uh….what was I talking about? Oh right….virtual hugs for now. Real ones tomorrow!


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