thinking [wood] thursday

God, I like wood.

Scratch that, I love wood: hard, unyielding, formidable wood.

Wood gets me instantly wet.

Wood absolutely answers the question “who is boss?”.

Wood brings out the best of my submission.

Wood warms me up, then sets me on fire.

Wood never fails to leave a delicious lasting impression.

Wood pushes me to the edge many times before sending me over, again and again.

Wood makes my heart race and my pussy ache.

Wood clears my mind and sets my heart at ease.


Happy Thursday!!


20 thoughts on “thinking [wood] thursday

  1. I love wood for a slightly different reason. It is so versatile and you can make so many wonderful “tools” with it. I enjoy making something out of wood. My beautiful girl wanted to buy a paddle and I told her no because I was making one for her. Yes I could have gone out and picked one up and we would have had a good time using it but by making my own to use on her it makes it that much more special. The possibilities are endless with wood. I do have to say that I like the thickness of that spoon. I may have to make one of my own.


  2. Reminds me of Christmas shopping trip to Sur La Table. Went for a coffee maker but could not pull myself away from the wooden spoons and spatulas. Strangely, my wife knew right where to find me.


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