thinking [lonely] thursday


Sir is in the shower.
I am waiting, naked, kneeling.
Eyes cast downward.
My knees are aching, but I am in the zone and barely register that pain.

I hear Him step out.

“How is your pussy?”


“What did you say?”

Lonely, Sir

“Lonely?! Why don’t you try a different word? Hungry, maybe. Or aching.”

I must say, I’m a little confused. I thought lonely was a good answer, one He might enjoy, even. Before I can spin off with doubt, Sir continues:

“Your pussy isn’t lonely. You can never be lonely when you are kneeling for me. I am with you when you kneel, every single part of you. You are not lonely. Do you understand?”

Yes, Sir

“Now, how is your pussy?”

Ready, Sir.”

Chin tilted up, eyes meet, lips connect.
I am smitten.
I lose myself in Him, in being His.

Ready is an understatement.




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