thinking [ Hh ] thursday


I have signed my name with a lowercase leading letter for as long as I can remember. Handwriting analysts would equate that with low self-esteem, and while I’m the first to admit that my esteem could be better, I don’t think that is the case here. No, this decades long habit is what I like to call … foreshadowing. Let me explain…


From the very beginning of this blog, when I refer to my Sir, I always capitalize: The ‘s’ in Sir, the ‘h’ in Him, He, His, Husband. I know it’s a small thing, a silly little letter tweak, but the significance in my mind is great. No attention has ever been drawn to it – by readers, or by Sir – and that was just fine by me. I do it because… simply put, I like it. That capitalization reminds me, no matter the subject, that He is in charge. It is an outward, yet private, sign of respect that I’ve never discussed or explained… it just feels right with my soul. 

As it turns out, though, this little letter thing has not gone under the radar! My Sir has taken silent note of it since day one and recently informed me that He loves and appreciates it! He has even incorporated it into His writing to me (which, yes, I also noticed and never mentioned). ❤

Oh I know: such an odd thing to post about – a capital letter! I certainly never expected any kudos, but it makes my heart happy to know that Sir recognizes even the smallest signs of my submission…and praises me for them.

He will forever be the Capital letter, and I am only too thrilled to be the lowercase.

Happy Thursday!

4 thoughts on “thinking [ Hh ] thursday

  1. You are indeed His good girl, miss Shy… And you’re correct too that it’s the detail of the finer, little things which culminate in the crescendo which He demands through words, touch and unspoken body language- all of which become your barometer foretelling of His appreciation of your submission. Beautiful…

    -Tom Wolf


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