thinking [undeserved] thursday


This is where I belong,
safe on His chest, my Home.

The words He says,
the nicest I’ve ever heard.

He calls me lovely things,
though I am totally unworthy.

Tears roll freely.
I know this is His honesty.

He sees things in me –
they just aren’t there.

I try to tell Him,
to let Him down easy.

He will not hear me.
Truth, He says. All of this is truth.


I really love His words.
I want so badly to be these words.

I try to be what He thinks, see what He sees.
But I am always falling short.

So these words that I love?
Well, they sting a little, too.

Eighteen years by now.
He has always been so sure of me.

How much longer until He sees
that I am not what He believes?

I don’t deserve these words.
I don’t deserve Him.


I’m not the good He sees,
but I do try. I will keep trying.
And if all else fails,
I am well aware of how lucky I am.

Thank you, Sir, for never giving up and for thinking such absurd, ridiculous, beautiful and kind things of me.



Happy Thursday!!

2 thoughts on “thinking [undeserved] thursday

  1. You! You are more than deserving to hear those lovely beautiful words from your Sir. (And from me too) You want a list? Good…
    1. You are beautiful, and sexy.
    2. You are good. A good wife, a good sub, a good mom, a good girlfriend, a good best friend, and many other good things….
    3. You are giving.
    4. You are loving
    5. You are strong
    6. You are brave
    7. You have been through tough times, bad times, but, you are stronger than any of that. And the good times, definitely outweigh the bad. Right!?!
    8. You have a great ass!
    9. Youre tits are fucking awesome!
    10. Your pussy is delicious!
    11. I love you
    12. HE loves you
    13. Your kids love you
    14. Your tits are fantastic (oh wait, i already said that, but it bears repeating)
    15. You listen, and suport those you love
    16. You love with your WHOLE heart.
    17…18…19 . The list goes on and on. Bottom line….
    You are good, and deserving and loved.


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