thinking [tears] thursday


I have cried rivers and lakes and oceans of tears.

I have cried planets worth of tears…

The tears of sadness, disbelief, frustration, anger.

The tears of giving up.

The tears of hanging on by a thread.

The tears of goodbye and hello.

The tears of hurt.

The tears of change.


I have cried all the tears! I’m not talking about in my lifetime, that would be a much longer post. No, all the tears have been cried in a rather short span of time, one on top of the other.

All. The. Fucking. Tears.


Ugh! How exhausting am I? Don’t you just want to yell at me? Tell me to suck it up – be bigger, stronger? Go right ahead! Let me have it!! I can take it.
I’d tell you I don’t want to cry anymore, but that’s not true…

Because I love the tears that Sir provokes…

The tears of uncontrollable laughter.

The tears of Sir pounding deep in my throat.

The tears of understanding and comforting words.

The tears of impact, taking me away.

The tears of unrelenting orgasms.

The tears of love that just cannot be contained.

Yes, I’ll take the tears… even the heartbreaking tears… so long as I can still shed the good ones.

I do love when Sir makes me cry.

Happy Thursday!

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