Sir has a few key phrases for me.
Maybe at this point, the words have become mantras, because I carry them around in my heart. I can hear them even when He is not speaking.
There are times when I need them more. Like now.


I am always to be humble. Humble in my pose, humble in my thoughts, humble in my actions, humble with my words.


I think a lot, too much. I am to stop all that and simply obey. That can be difficult, but oh what a load off! Fun fact: I have many articles of clothing from Obey… A secret, fun way to walk around with Our truth on display (also their tagline is “manufacturing dissent”, so that’s great too).


Rise above.
From the beginning, one of my favorites…and the one I struggle with the most. I tend to sink. My elephant brain works against me. But to breathe, I must rise.

So today, I’m going to focus on this:


Yes, I think that’s a pretty good way to start the weekend, to start a new month, to start a new chapter.

I am going to not let the bullshit affect me because I will…


Here’s to a happy, bullshit-free weekend!


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