thinking [40 park] thursday

“Put your hands on the wall.”

I walk over to the wall, being funny, and lightly touch two fingers to the bricks.

“Hands on the wall now.

Yes, Sir.
I immediately place my palms flat against the brick wall. Instantly, my heart is pounding, my breathing speeds up, and my pussy starts throbbing. I stand there. Waiting. Sir is somewhere behind me. I wonder if he’s taking pictures.

“Move your feet apart.”

I do, ever so slightly, hands still on rough bricks.

“Wider. Like you’re getting arrested.”


I widen my stance, not daring to move my hands or look over my shoulder. I wonder if He will  touch me here in the open? After a few moments, he walks up behind me and slowly starts rolling the long skirt up my legs. Tortuously slow. His fingers lightly brush my legs. I want to push into Him, but I hold position. It is His birthday, after all.

Skirt now rolled around my waist, panties on full display in this pavilion. He steps back, and  I’m pretty certain photos are being taken. I try to stay in the moment, struggle not to worry about angles and lightning and imperfections and all the things…


Before I am consumed with those thoughts, Sir returns to me, presses against my back and leans His head down to mine. He speaks a few words in my ear before yanking my panties down to my thighs. Gasp.

In this moment, I do not care that we are outside in a public place. In this moment, it wouldn’t bother me a bit if someone was watching, I think I would like being on display. I am ready and I want Sir to take me now!

Alas, I am not the Boss and He has something else in mind. Still behind me, He reaches down and begins rubbing my aching pussy. Momentum and force steadily increasing, He tells me to come. I do. I’m always so fast and I’d like much more, but Sir reminds me that He wants me aching for Him all day.

He steps away, tells me to take my panties off, then calls me to Him and pulls me in for a long embrace before we head back to the car.

I am left panty-less, aching and wet, the entire day. Mission accomplished, Sir, and happy birthday to you.

Happy Thursday!


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