old problems, new generation

I know this is a D/s blog. But I’m not just a submissive, I’m a mom of three and life is life. So if you’re looking for sexy or D/s tales, this post ain’t it.

My oldest is almost an adult. In a few short months she’ll be 18 and in some months after that, she’ll graduate high school.

She is an extremely intelligent, brave, empathetic, sensitive, beautiful soul… and she pisses me off like none other. It’ll pass. I know that it will. She’ll be an awesome human being and we’ll laugh about these times.


As much as she angers me, seeing her hurting angers me tenfold.
She has shitty friends, and I think maybe I’ve failed her in that way.
I think maybe I didn’t impart the wisdom I know to be true…

I didn’t tell her that “friends” hurt you.
I didn’t tell her that they take and take and take until you are all used up.
I didn’t tell her soon enough not to let them in.
I didn’t tell her not to confide in them, because it’ll all be used against you.
I didn’t tell her everyone is out for themselves.
I didn’t tell her often enough to have a thick skin.
Or to be a duck and let it roll.
I didn’t impart my motto with enough gusto…


Oh you guys.. I know you all have the best friends, a lot of wonderful friends you’ve had since forever. Friends that have your back, full of love and light. I know they exist… Just never really in my world (with two special exceptions, if you count Sir).

Maybe I’ve failed my daughter a little bit. She is hurting and I am helpless. Today I am channeling all of my ‘fuck ’em, and be a badass’ vibes, with the help of Tim Armstrong, and telling her to always stand up, and stand for something. If you feel like it, send up a good thought for her.

[These lyrics were NOT online… So I only wrote down the first verse and chorus, eight kinds of old school! ]

Who are they to talk shit to you
When they didn’t know nothin’?
And I am one who’s seen you go
From top to higher than them.

Do what you want. Do what you can.
Do anything, man. I don’t understand.
Do what you like. Do what you might.
Don’t take shit, man. Always fight.
Don’t let them take ya. Don’t let them break ya.
Don’t let them ever forsake ya.
Hey now, do what you want.”
                                        -Tim Armstrong

Thanks for letting me get that out… Back to D/s tomorrow. ❤


7 thoughts on “old problems, new generation

  1. This hits home so much at the moment. I feel so similarly about seeing my daughter hurt and the feeling of failing her in some way. Mine is 14 and her three best friends did something so atrocious I can even see straight. And my daughter hurts, but cat even process it. Anyway, hugs to you, you’re not alone.



    • I don’t know what it is about girls and their friends. My middle, she’s 13 now, has had similar friend issues, too. These girls can be so mean! Makes me furious and sad. I thought by senior year it’d all calm down. 😦 So sorry to hear this isn’t just in my house. Hugs back to you.

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  2. We all have to learn and some are unlucky enough to have to learn the very hardest way. I have a 15 year old and I will admit that I have wanted to punch some of these teen bitches right in the face. I never would, of course, but I sure have wanted to. Love her, support her, talk to her and give her all the wisdom she will take. And then, this is the part about parenting that REALLY SUCKS, you must step back and watch similar things happen to her again, until SHE decides to change things, and my dear, she will.
    I have always liked the saying that a Mother can only be as happy as her saddest child. It seems to me like you are finding that to be true. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and wish for a short learning curve. 🙂

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    • OMG, yes… wanting to punch these bitches! :/ My middle is 13, she has had some friend problems as well..I just don’t understand how there are so many mean girls. I guess I thought that by senior year, it’d get a little better. That hasn’t proven true.
      Sorry you know what I’m talking about. Man, this parenting thing can be so difficult!

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