thinking [games] thursday

I’ve been playing video games since I was a young child. I’m not much for labels, but I suppose if you needed to, you could call me a gamer.
On a night in March long, long ago, Sir watched me play a racecar game and I really think He was sold right then. 😉 Seriously, that was the beginning of us.


Sir and I have been gaming together ever since. We’ve played all sorts of games, but our very favorite franchise is Halo. We love it so much, in fact, that when Halo 5 releases on October 27, we will be taking personal holidays!


However, since the MCC was glitchy for months on end, Destiny has become a close second. In the game your character is guided by something called a ghost. See…


After seeing a certain scene (which I cannot get uploaded, grr), Sir started referring to me as His little light. It is so dorky and full of love and perfect – hearing it makes me all giggly and warm.


He tells me all the time now that I am His little light. He has me write “Sir’s little (or lil) light” various places on my body. It’s pretty difficult to write upside down, rushed, in a work bathroom. 😉

When we must stay up late waiting for children to get home, we usually play games (before all the dirty games begin).

I prefer PvP, of course, because I’m just a little competitive. Like this…

I am starting to enjoy PvE a little more, even though it’s not quite as satisfying. I mean, the program is DESIGNED for you to beat it. But when you are playing against other real people… They want it bad… That’s a true victory! I’m pretty badass at PvP, and I don’t think Sir will mind my saying that more times than not, I out-score Him and stomp Him into the ground!! I’m not quiet about it, either!

Our rivalry is so much fun!
Our teamwork is something to be reckoned with.
Our connection is so strong it extends into gamerland. (See what I did there?)

I am His little light.
He is my… well… He is my everything (even though He’s late getting home and I miss Him terribly).

Happy Thursday!
Let’s play some games!

6 thoughts on “thinking [games] thursday

  1. I wouldn’t say we were gamers such as you and your Sir, but we enjoy playing video games with and against each other. We even hijacked the kid’s Xbox for a while playing their Skylanders game until we beat it all, making sure that no mission was left unaccomplished. LOL! We are quite competitive as well, but that is mostly in app/facebook related games.
    I really like the phrase he uses for you, “Sir’s little light”. That is quite endearing on so many levels! 🙂

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