thinking [inside joke] thursday

I have a lot of things I’d like to say, to explain, to delve into, to vent about.
In fact, there are seven finished posts waiting in the wings.
But today, I just need major distraction.
Today, I need funny.
Here’s a glimpse into our bedroom earlier this week…

Sexytime was in full swing.
Pitch black bedroom this night.
I was on my back, Sir was standing, pounding ruthlessly, big hand choking me, words… All the good stuff.
Sir stopped, flipped me to my side, bent my knees, positioned himself…
And missed.
I held still. A few more misses.
Come on, man! (said only in my head!)
Before I could frustrated, Sir all but growled…

“Where’s your pussy?!”

Wait, what?!
I couldn’t help it… I giggled so hard and said “It’s where it always is, Sir!”.

For a split second, I worried – Crap!Maybe I shouldn’t have giggled! Maybe it would derail the fucktrain, which is the worst!  😦

Well! I shouldn’t have worried!! Sir laughed at my response and my giggles turned into full-blown laughter.

We laughed together for a moment, but then He found what He’d been looking for…and that was everything but funny! 😈


If you run into us out and about, you may hear a random whispered “where’s your pussy?”, followed by lots of laughter. Don’t judge – laugh with us! Inside jokes are the best…okay, second best!

Happy Thursday!

4 thoughts on “thinking [inside joke] thursday

  1. Hahaha!!!! Such a good story and inside joke! Hubby has done that and missed… but found a different hole instead that he slammed into. I can tell you… it was anything BUT funny! Owie!
    I can laugh about it now, though! lol


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