they do it all the time

“You can’t do it every night.”
“You cannot be horny all of the time.”
Or my favorite…
“I prefer quality over quantity.”

Yes, I’ve actually heard these things and may I just say – bitch, please (that’s in my best SNL impression voice)!! 😉


I have always had a very high sex drive, and while I’m not actively horny every minute of every day, well… mostly I am. There was a time that Sir preferred sort of an ‘every third day’ sex schedule. That didn’t work well for me, but He was working easily 65 – 80 hours per week – we were both unhappy with that whole situation. It was very difficult, as a family and as a couple. Finally He became self-employed, then we began living a 24/7 D/s lifestyle… and our entire world changed!

For the last few years, we’ve had sex every night (and days too, sometimes). Every. Single. Night. This last year, we only missed nights of fucking when I was out of town a few times. If we are together, we have sex. We fuck through illness and sharks and headaches and injuries and exhaustion. Every. Single. Day.

I know that probably wouldn’t work for some people, but it works really well for us. Plus, I’ve learned a few things during these years of nightly sex…

1. The more sex you have, the more you want.

2. Sex is the best medicine. The best mood lifter. The best connector. The best sleep aid. The best drug. The best therapist. The best.

3. Orgasms never get boring. Never!

4. You will not die from dozens of orgasms, but you’d be quite content to do so.

5. There are an infinite number of ways to fuck. No two encounters are exactly the same.

6. You can absolutely have quality AND quantity. Also, yes please to both!

7. Having sex every day gives ample opportunity to try all the things.

8. Men can have multiple orgasms, on a pretty regular basis.

9. Love grows exponentially, minute by minute.

10. Attention to detail is key.

11. Variety really is the spice of life.

12. No one in this universe understands my every nuance like Sir does.

13. Anticipation remains, night after night. Sex is never a ‘chore’.

14. Being ‘too tired’ is not a thing.

15. Words bind tighter than any rope.

16. Sir and I are funny and inventive people.

17. There are benefits to long sessions and also to quickies. I love them equally, in different ways.

18. Fucking is still my favorite activity.


Happy Tuesday!!


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