This has been on my mind lately because I STILL feel this way, probably more so.

My life is a little topsy-turvy at the moment, but Sir is consistent and He keeps me from falling away… I’m quite thrilled to not have to choose the lightbulbs!!

Happy Monday!! ~shygirl

serenity through submission

I don’t want to choose the lightbulbs.


Oh sure, I am capable of choosing lightbulbs. If lightbulbs were on my shopping list, or my task list from Sir, I’d choose some mighty fine bulbs and be happy to do it. But when Sir and I are in the aisle together, I just have no desire to choose a bulb.

In fact, if we are in that aisle together, I do not even want to offer input about the selection of lightbulbs.

Now, if I needed a specific bulb for something He knew nothing about, I’d be tickled pink to provide the required information. No problem! If, however, the bulbs are for something I have no involvement in? Well… frankly, kind Sir, I don’t give a damn.

Oh I know that’s different – there were years upon years where I did give a damn about EVERY little thing. I needed to…

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3 thoughts on “Lightbulbs

  1. This is me, exactly. My not desiring to choose used to drive Sir crazy before we started our 24.7 D/s. Neither of us understood that my desire for him to lead, even in these tiny decisions, was small acts of submission on my part. Perspective. It’s amazing how something that used to be a slight annoyance is now noticed and appreciated. -belle

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    • Yes, perspective is a divine thing. It’s really amazing to look back at all the years with Sir and see the little ways I submitted and He Dominated, long before the 24/7 D/s!


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